About Kumasiano

Exactly, what we’ve been up to. The Kumasiano project has been on our radar for
far too long. We just can’t procrastinate anymore. Since nobody is doing it,
we had to do it ourselves. Period!

“Kumasi, my city and how I see it”

We’ve been working on our personal “hand to mouth” projects for years now.
Mostly on the quiet. It’s time to move out. The stress is real.
Go out. Enjoy yourself. Chill more. The time is now. Make life count.

Kumasiano is basically how we want our Kumasi to look, feel and be perceived.
This is our perception of our home. Not yours – with all due respect.

On our Opinion

Like noses, we have an opinion too. Don’t worry if you don’t agree with us
on various matters, views and thoughts shared here.

It’s our opinion. It’s what we see. Our perspective. Our reality.

Notwithstanding, we’ll make sure we’re fair, tolerant and open to other
opinions. Hey, it’s more of you than the team.

Nana Santuoh – Chief Editor

Leaving your beloved people and city means losing touch with who you are. Kumasiano is how we’re touching base with the good people of Kumasi, Ghana. 

Nana Santuoh, a Digital Marketer in London leads the editorial team at kumasiano.com – a mouthpiece for African and black people while reminiscing their good old days back home.

You can reach us on: nana at kumasiano dot com

Serwaa Akoto Papabi – Editor

Serwaa Akoto Papabi, SAP for short is a Fashion & Beauty Specialist and doubles as the chief editor for Kumasiano. If it’s about fashion, beauty, skin, hair, etc.. especially for black people, SAP is your close confidant. Born and bred in Kumasi, when she’s not out traveling, Serwaa spends most of her weekends checking out good’ol joints, finding new ones and golden nuggets in and out of the city. 

The rest of the team are freelancers, contractors, experts and professionals who prefer to stay in the background while they make things happen.

That’s how we roll most of the time. Talk less. Do more.