Asanteman Senior High School: Everything You Need To Know!

Asanteman Senior High School

Any kid can attend Asanteman Senior high School and be well prepared to go to almost any tertiary institution of choice.

Of course, the seed that was planted in 1954, the seed has been watered and properly cared for over the years. This seed continues to change lives. Even today.

“REAL ASASS” or NANANOM are the accolades they are known for. 

Asanteman Secondary School or (Asanteman Senior High School) draws academically talented students (boys and girls) from across the country.

Most schools in the Kumasi Metropolis compete not only in academics but other extracurricular activities (sports, fine arts, quizzes, debates, etc..),  and Asanteman is no exception.

Asanteman Senior High School Reviewed


To provide the resources and a conducive atmosphere for effective teaching and learning to enhance the development of academic, spiritual and moral excellence.


The vision of the school is to produce knowledgeable and fulfilled boys and girls with a passion for excellence academically, morally and spiritually and to be pacesetters wherever they find themselves.

The school offers five (5) courses or programmes; 

  1. General Science
  2. General Arts
  3. Business
  4. Home Economics and 
  5. Visual Arts. 

All programmes have a duration of three (3) years to complete. 

Again the curriculum consists of six (6) general core subjects:  

  1. English Language
  2. Integrated science
  3. Mathematics
  4. Social Studies
  5. ICT 

There are specific elective subjects relative to the programme/course a student may be offering.

About “ASASS”

Asanteman Secondary School is a second-cycle educational institution in Kumasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana. 

Asanteman Senior High School was founded in 1954 for two basic reasons.

  1. To provide Day Secondary education to boys and girls who could not attend the traditional boarding schools in Kumasi. 
  2. In response to the growing demands for more second cycle institutions in Asante. 

Therefore, the school was established through the initiative of the Asante Youth Association(AYA) and named it AYA Secondary School in response to the clarion call by many for more schools in Kumasi.

On June 7, 1962, this co-educational day school was absorbed into the public system by the government and re-christened into Asanteman Secondary School.

Pros of Asanteman Senior High School

  • Discipline
  • Tight security
  • Sports friendly
  • 85% Graduate rate
  • In the heart of the city
  • Good teacher to students ratio 

Cons of Asanteman Senior High School

  • Limited land for expansion

Asanteman Senior High Reality Guide: Things to consider before making a decision


What is the cost of attending Asanteman Senior High School?

Sex – Mixed (Boys & Girls)

A co-educational institution made up of boys and girls from across the country.


Asanteman is a non-religious, inter-denominational school. You don’t need to come from a specific religious group to be part of this community. Muslim prayers take place on campus in a mini Mosque around the canteen. Church services also happen on the school premises. No one is left out. 


As mentioned earlier, students take the same country-wide “signature courses” in General Science, General Arts, Business, Home Economics and Visual Arts. 

With all programmes having a duration of three (3) years, they are made up of six (6) core subjects: English Language, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, ICT and Physical Education.

  • General Science has Physics, Elective Maths, Chemistry and Biology as the elective subjects.
  • Business has Management/Accounting/Human Resource Management and Elective Maths as the elective subjects.
  • General Arts have Geography as the elective subjects.
  • Home Economics has Chemistry, Biology, Food & Nutrition and as elective subjects.
  • Visual Arts have Painting as the elective subjects.


The day-to-day administration of Asanteman Senior High school rests with the Headmaster who is ably supported by three Assistant Headmasters namely: Administration, Academic, Domestic, Senior Housemaster, Chaplain, School Accountant, Counsellor and Bursar. These able members constitute the school management team.

HEADMASTER: Mr. Nathaniel Antwi Asamoah




ACCOUNTANT: Mr. Antwi Prempeh

SENIOR HOUSEMASTER: Mr. Bismark Kwadwo Fordjour

CHAPLAIN: Rev. David Osei Bonsu

COUNSELOR: Mr. Felix Badu


Asanteman Senior High School has gained a reputation for its consistency in transforming average Junior High students into well-grounded students for onward continuous education.

Any kid can attend Asanteman Senior high School and be well prepared to go to almost any tertiary institution of choice.

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