Atta Barima Foods: What the Secret Behind Atta Barima’s Success!

Does Atta Barima Foods have the best fried rice in Kumasi?

One of the best fast food joint popular with students.

Why not?

Just a stone throw away from the Christian Service University College.

Welcome to one of the popular fast food joint in Kumasi.

About Atta Barima Foods

Atta Barima Foods
Unnamed Rd, Kumasi
M993+F9 Kumasi

Tel: 024 833 9003

Open Monday through Friday, Morning to 10:30pm, weekends Morning to 11:00pm.

My attraction is the pepper that accompanies the fresh gingered-fried chicken.

Another local eatery in the Santasi Bay Area. Did I just say “Bay”. Food joints seem to flourish in this space. And I’m not surprise Atta Barima is growing in leaps and bounds. About 5minutes drive from the astonishing Tasty Queen restaurant. Also a fast food joint for many.

Atta Barima Foods serves tasty fried rice and Jollof with chicken and fish among others.


Atta Barima Foods is a popular food joint behind Christian Service University College. From the star junction (Allied Oil Filling Station) – you just have to locate the University.

This fine food is about 300 hundred metres from the main entrance of the school. On that same street.

With students all around the vicinity, all you have to do is ask that fine girl walking towards you. They’re rampant, scattered all around the place. I ask them all the time. I love to ask direction from girls.


Never judge a book by its cover. It’s true. Atta Barima Foods is not the most beautiful place to find good food.

Makeshift wooden and container structures where you see the chef prepare your food. Almost an improved and glorified version of the generic fast food joint in the corner of your community.

But hey! The food is on point. Don’t go there.

After all, that’s the main reason why we’re here, isn’t?

We move.

The Setting

There’s a place to park your car. That street is not a busy one. Just park on the side of the road.

Not a place for so many people. Just a little over 15people at a time. But I’ve not seen the place less busy before. If it’s full, just sit, wait and replace someone going out.

It’s a cluster of structures joined together. Chairs and tables are available. You don’t need to fret. Just wait for your turn.

The Food

The main thing should be the main thing. After all, why are you there. Food, right?

Fried rice, Jollof rice, banks and Tilapia etc..

Some say its the best fried rice in the city. The Jollof keeps me thinking. Everything comes down to the ginger, pepper and sauce.



More on my future experiences soon.


  • Tasty meals
  • Succulent pepper
  • Student-friendly
  • Affordable prices
  • Best fried rice in town
  • I prefer to see the chefs working in the kitchen.


  • Poor location
  • Unorganized queue
  • The place needs renovation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do they do deliveries?

None that I can think of. There are private food delivery services you can use.

What makes the restaurant unique?

Atta Barima Foods comes with a number of unique signature recipes. The ginger-inspired fried rice, specially made fried Jollof rice, sweet pepper sauce, bold and juicy chicken etc.

Caters to families?

Not necessarily, this is a fast-food joint. There may be an open area to eat, but that is not meant to cater to families. This is more of a takeaway joint.


Atta Barima Foods is a fast food joint. Granted. but the world is fast changing.

Just like you’ve sliced in some creativity in their recipes, a pint of innovation and the initiative won’t be bad.

The place is yearning for renovation. I know that management is looking at that.

Again, simple hacks such as MOMO transactions and quick deliveries will go a long way to ease the stress of your customers.

Take note.

Customer service is crucial here.

Further, time management and how much waiting time are also critical. Food is a serious business. Nobody loves to wait.

Atta Barima Foods Reviews

Here are a few reviews pulled from Google about customers experience with
Atta Barima Foods.

Samuel said,
“Makes one of the delicious Jollof in Kumasi. Try it!”

“Delicious Food and Cheap too.”


“It was cool especially the meat
But the place has to be renovated.”

Nehemiah says,
“Charley. The guy’s food is good.”

Kwadwo says,
“Nice place to get delicious food. Only downside is lack of place to sit and eat. Nevertheless the food makes up for it…”

Newton says,
“Food is great but they have to renovate the place.”

Serwaa reiterated,
“The pepper alone.”


By far, Atta Barima Foods is the best quick fried rice (check-check) in Kumasi.

A nice food joint for bachelors and average people.

Check them out.

Atta Barima Foods
Unnamed Rd, Kumasi
M993+F9 Kumasi

Tel: 024 833 9003
Open Monday through Friday, Morning to 10:30pm, weekends Morning to 11:00pm.

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