Category A Schools in Ashanti Region 2022

There are 7 category A schools in the Ashanti Region all in the Kumasi Metropolitan area. 6 SHS/SHTS and 1 Technical Institute (Kumasi Technical Institute – KTI) situated adjacent to the GNAT and WAEC office in Kumasi.

KTI was recognized as a category A school in the Ghana Education Service (GES) Register of Course for Public Senior High, Technical and Vocational Institutes. Note that as of 2020, all Technical/Vocational Institutions have been categorized into A, B and C, and added to SHS/ SHTS by the GES in its updated guidelines for selection of schools for 2020 placement. 

Kudos to the Ministry of Education and GES – as least technical knowledge in Ghana is gradually gaining the recognition it deserves.

It’s our collective duty for nation-building and were all here to help.

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List of Category A Schools in Ashanti Region

​​There are about 122 senior high schools in the Ashanti region alone, making it the region with the highest number of schools. Among the 122 are 48 from the Kumasi metropolis. As the capital and commercial city in the region, there’s no doubt why all 7 ‘category A’ schools in the Ashanti are all situated in Kumasi.

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Below are all the 7 Category A schools in the Ashanti Region, location and associated genders.

Prempeh CollegeBoysSofoline
Kumasi High SchoolBoysGyinase
Opoku ware SchoolBoysSantasi
St. Louis Senior High SchoolGirlsOduom
T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High SchoolMixedAsafo
Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High SchoolGirlsAbrepo
Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI)MixedAmakom

What are the Category A schools in Ashanti region?

Category A schools in Ashanti region – just like any other region in Ghana are the top-ranked senior high schools. These second-cycle educational institutions offer a three-year course leading to certification of Senior High School level which is the standard. They usually provide the biggest opportunity for students who wish to pursue tertiary education after completing secondary school.

Again, they also offer a wide range of basic amenities, facilities and extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, drama, etc.

These schools usually have an excellent academic record and they often produce some of Ghana’s top graduates. Some even have facilities for students with special needs.

This will be our made-up criteria for ranking category A schools:

  1. The school has a minimum of 50% of its students in the top 20% of its class.
  2. There should be basic amenities such as water, electricity, toilets, etc.
  3. At least 75% of teachers must hold degrees from reputable universities.
  4. The school’s graduation rate is above 90%.
  5. The school should have facilities such as libraries, laboratories, sports fields, etc., which are comparable to those found in most high schools.
  6. There must be an adequate number of teachers who can teach all subjects, especially English, Mathematics and Science.

Most category A high schools will most likely meet our made-up criteria and probably some category Ba and C schools too. However, the fierce competition coupled with limited resources in this part of the world has restricted the authorities to ranking well-established, seemingly old schools that have the reputation to withstand the raging educational storm in Ghana.

It really takes an all-rounded tried and tested institution to make this happen. Kudos to these schools, they are doing a great job.

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Category A SHS in Ashanti Region

In 2020, Kumasi Technical Institute was adopted as a Category A school representing the Technical and Vocational Institutions in the new integration of both SHS.SHTS and Technical/Vocational Institutes.

Same way, schools are upgraded and or dropped from one category to another. The categorization isn’t fixed.

For instance, Kumasi High School moved to a category A school in 2017 whiles schools like Anglican SHS, Tweneboah Kodua SHS, St. Monica’s SHS, Effiduase, Konongo Odumase were all dropped from the category A list to category B schools.

The students that go to category A schools are regarded as the best in the country. If a student in these brackets chooses one of the top high schools in Ashanti, they’re given admission for that matter.

They are recognized as having the best WASSCE scores, and they are distinguished by the fact that they have high-caliber training facilities and provide students with great educational opportunities. Note that consistency is key here, you must be seen to have achieved great success year in year out.

Now, let’s look in detail the category A schools in the Ashanti region:

1. Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI)

Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI)

Ever wondered why they are referred to as Canadians?

Well, the institution was established in collaboration with the Canadian International Development Agency (C.I.D.A).

The main aim of the government was what became the mission of the school, “To educate and train persons in employable skills for wage and self-employment”.

Has this mission been achieved?

Good question. That is for all of us to judge.

Apart from the fact that some aimless people who find their way into the institution –paint a gloomy picture which can be summed up by saying ‘the institution has failed’.

But their recognition as a category A technical school in Ashanti and Ghana speaks volumes about its success. It has produced graduates who have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs.

Kumasi Technical Institute is a technical institution located at Amkom on the Yaa Asantewaa Road in and around ‘an education hub‘ where there is a cluster of schools at various stages and other educational-based facilities. (Asem cluster of primary and junior high schools, Kumasi Anglican High School, the Regional Education office, the West African Examination Council, and GNAT Hall)

Established on 1 January 1975 with an initial intake capacity of 300 students. The first principal was Mr. J.A. Kofi Addo who served from 1976 until his death in 1982.

Some Courses offered

  • Diploma in Computer Science(Computer Science)
  • Motor Vehicle Technician Course Part II(MVT II)
  • Higher Diploma in Fashion Design(Fashion Design)
  • Intermediate Electrical Installation work( )
  • Higher National Diploma in Accounting(Accounting)
  • DTech in Management For Engineers(Management For Engineers)
  • CTech in Catering And Hospitality Management(Catering)
  • Master of Technology in Production & Plant Engineering(Production & Plant Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Technology in Auto Engineering(Auto Engineering)
  • Higher National Diploma in Electric Management and Administration(Electric Management)
  • DBS Purchasing(Purchasing)
  • DBS Secretaryship and Management Studies(Secretaryship and Management Studies)
  • HND Accounting with Computing(Accounting)

Contact details:

  • Address: P. O. Box KS 1471
  • Location: Kumasi
  • Country: Ghana
  • Telephone Number: 0322022277
  • Email Address:
  • College Website:
  • Category: Technical Training Colleges

2. Opoku Ware School

Opoku Ware School

Regarded as one of the most academically high-achieving all-boys schools in Ghana, Opoku Ware school (Akatakyie) has that something.

That ‘certain something’ with most successful Catholic schools. But OWASS takes it a notch higher.

Located in Santisberg as the students call it. Santasi in the Nhyieaso Constituency of Kumasi has been there since and has over the years become a place of growth, development and great things.

Almost free from the hustle and bustle of the ancient town in Kumasi like Bantama, Asafo, Tafo, etc… Santasi and its environs (Ahenmma Kokoben, Fankyenbra, Kwadaso, Atasemanso, Krokronmoase, etc…) have become a place to grow and nurture your child. No wonder many people have moved in and prefer to stay in and around that area.

Praising OWASS for its academic credential may be an understatement. The results are there for all to see year in year out. Always among the top 10 schools in the country not only in academics but literally in everything. 

They may not have a presidential candidate yet  but have produced some of the greats in sports: the Akwasi Appiah’s, Christian Nsiah – an Olympic athlete and former National athlete Ohene Karikari, 

In politics: the Kwamena Ahwoi’s, Anthony Akoto Osei’s, PV Obeng’s, Owusu Afriyie Akoto’s, John Kumah and Stephen Amoah recently. Nana Akuoko Sarpong, Nana Otuo Siriboe: both traditional rulers.
Stephen Alan Brobbey, retired jurist; former Chief Justice of the Gambia and justice of the Supreme Court of Ghana.

Great business minds such as Dr. Amoah, Shadrack Osei Frimpong, and many more.

Established on 1 January 1952 under the auspices of the Catholic Archdiocese of Kumasi, the ‘Akatakyie’ – Opoku Ware school’s category A status is no fluke. In fact, give them an A1+.

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3. St. Louis Senior High School

St. Louis Senior High School

When you see Opoku school in any shape or form, be sure to find their ‘girly’ side St Louis lurking around. They go hand in hand, right? They call it ALAYA and theirs is AKATASLOPSA. The ‘Akatakyie’s’ and ‘Slopsa’s’ merged together.

St. Louis Senior High School is another well-deserved all-girls category A school in Ashanti Region. Established in 1892 under the auspices of the Catholic archdiocese of Kumasi, St. Louis in Kumasi is one of the oldest Catholic educational institutions in Ghana.

Their achievement?

Ask your adolescent daughter, she’s probably fantasizing about this school already. St. Louis Senior High School ticks all the boxes as a top-notch second cycle institution – academics, facilities, Godliness and discipline. Name it.

St. Louis Secondary School has a strong reputation for producing quality students with excellent results at both national and international levels.

There are many who even feel they are too polished.

You probably need a VISA to enter St. Louis’ campus. Yes, it’s that difficult.

There are some great personalities who have gone through the school – Yvonne Nduom, former KMA boss: Patricia Appiagyei, actress: Lydia Forson, politician: Dzifa Gomashie, and many more. 

Did I hear Afia Schwarzenegger attend St. Louis? Correct me if I’m wrong. Hehe…

Situated on the main Kumasi -Accra highway, it is only a 10-minute drive from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in a peaceful and serene environment.

4. Prempeh College

Prempeh College

Prempeh College has smelled royalty since day one.

Undoubtedly one of Ghana’s high-achieving schools in the Ashanti region. Of course, you know quality when you see one.

Ladies and gentlemen, Prempeh College is our next category A school in Ashanti region.

It took four strong bodies in 1949 to make this dream a reality. Here is how it all happened.

The then Asanteman traditional authority, the British Colonial Government, the Methodist Church Ghana and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana all came together to start Prempeh college.

The two religious missions had experience doing it in Cape Coast and a few other places, the British government came in with the willpower and the Asanteman council with the material and local support.

Guess what, in 2004 the school topped matriculation at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with 441 students admitted.

Floreats – Prempeh College is the 2021 champion of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), making them a 5 times winner of the coveted and highly prestigious competition. When Prempeh College tells you that they are ‘inspiring minds in inspirational surroundings’ they probably know what they’re talking about. Producing great talents is in their DNA.

As they say, SENIORS. Yes, they’re no doubt seniors in all their endeavours.

Last but not least, they also know a thing or two about the ‘Yaa Asantewaa senior high school girls”. (If you don’t know about it – forget about it.)

5. Kumasi High School

Kumasi High School

Kumasi High School is not your average senior high school.

They are ‘Mmrantee’ – Gentlemen.

And they fit into those shoes perfectly.

Gone were the day’s high school was the bane of other senior high school authorities in the Kumasi metro and Ashanti region. The ‘unnecessary stubbornness’ is a thing of the past.

KUHIS old boys are simply winning everywhere. Care to join the winning team?

Guess what, the educational Minister is an old boy and that is just one out of the hundreds of the great things happening in ‘High schools’ history and achievements lately.

And they’re not only winning in real life, but they are also kicking the asses of the so-called top-ranked high schools in the region and the country as a whole in terms of academics too.

In the review of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) in 2017, Kumasi high school saw a boost or call it an upgrade from category B to category A. Why? Because someone is doing something right.

Kudos to the headmaster, teachers, students, parents and all other stakeholders for making this feat possible.

This coeducational high school was established in 1954 and has moved from good to best over the years.

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6. T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School

T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School

AMASS phobia. Underrate them at your own peril.

One of the most improved senior high schools in the Kumasi metro and Ashanti region over the last decade or two. Real Amass has always been there with the big boys. In fact, it is one of the oldest mission schools in the region. Producing great sportsmen and women is their bread and butter. Not just sports, from a Supreme Court Judge, Inspector General of Police (IGPs) and many other important disciplines too.

You probably heard more about their successes when they started dominating sports events in the region in the past two last decades. Little did we know they were actually killing it all this while, everywhere.

Today, T.I. Amass students can stand shoulder to shoulder with any school in the Ashanti Region and Ghana in virtually anything.

At times you only need a seed amount of one hundred British pounds towards the construction of the first building of a school. And a big dream, self-motivation and a bunch of hope to make things happen. And that’s what the monetary donation of the then Asantehene Otumfuo Sir Osei Agyemang Prempeh II and the hope and support of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission did to realize the Real Amass dream.

It wasn’t easy.

Established by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana on 30th January 1950. The first Headmaster of the School was Dr. S. B. Ahmad, an expatriate, who started the school with twenty-five students and seven teachers.

Real Amass is in the heart of Kumasi, Asafo – just adjacent to the Baba Yara sports stadium. In fact, they have the stadium to themselves no wonder they’ve been devouring the big guns in athletics lately.

Do you feel like AMASSing wealth? Join the winning team.

Contact Details:

  • T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School,
  • P. O. Box 3419, Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana
  • Tel: +233 3220 22881
  • Email:

7. Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High School

T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School

Yes-ags, they’re fine girls and I think they know it.

After all, they are ADEHYE!

Little did the brave Yaa Asantewaa know that her resilience would pay off hundred years on.

Many times the greatness of your parents, relative, or family member may overshadow your own gains. Same way as filling the shoes of a great soul and personality. But the battle is ON, you never stop until the war is won.

As they say, “Yaa Asantewaa might not have won that war physically, but her spirit and vision continue to inspire all Ghanaians generally, and all women and the girl-child in particular.”

And I agree. don’t you?

YAGSS have since their establishment in 1961 continued with the war, not with guns or against anybody. but on the academic battlefield. Their achievement is there for all to see.

They’ve been fighting for excellence and against ignorance and the denigration of women.

Something we all love to see. Women winning.

You’ll see them everywhere – intelligent and well-formed women in responsible and respectable positions in government, administration, health and business circles.

Lastly, when AMANADEHYIE calls, know that the boys from Prempeh College (AMANFUO) are behind their girls. That’s some fine alliance.

Category A, B and C Schools in the Ashanti Region

As part of measures to ensure a smooth placement of qualified BECE candidates for 2020, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has put in place the following arrangements for the information of parents/guardians/teachers/candidates and the general public.

Kumasi High SchoolBoysGyinase
Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI)MixedAmakom
St. Louis Senior High SchoolGirlsOduom
Opoku ware schoolBoysSantasi
Prempeh CollegeBoysSofoline
T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High SchoolMixedAsafo
Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ Senior High SchoolGirlsAbrepo
Anglican Senior HighMixedAmakom
KNUST Senior HighMixedKNUST
Asanteman Senior HighMixedSuame
St. Hubert Seminary/Senior HighBoysSantasi
Wesley Girls High SchGirlsTafo
Kumasi Girls Senior HighGirlsAbrepo
Osei Kyeretwie Senior HighMixedTafo
Adventist Senior HighMixedSuame
Armed Forces Senior High TechnicalMixedDanyame
Tawheed Senior HighMixedAkwatia Line
Islamic Senior HighMixedAmpabame
Serwaah Nyarko Girls’ Snr. HighGirlsDichemso
Al-Azariya Islamic Snr. High, KumasiMixedOld Tafo
Nuru-Ameen Islamic Senior HighMixedAsewase
Bodwesango Senior HighMixedBodwesango
Afigyaman Senior High SchoolMixedKyekyewere
Adugyama Comm. Senior HighMixedAdugyama
Mankranso Senior HighMixedMankranso
Jacobu Senior High/Tech.MixedJacobu
Tweapease Senior High SchoolMixedTweapease
Manso-Adubia Senior HighMixedAdubia
Mansoman Senior HighMixedManso Atwere
Esaase Bontefufuo Snr. High/Tech.MixedEsaase Bontefufuo
Agogo State College MixedAgogo
Owerriman Senior HighMixedDomeabra
Banka Comm. Senior HighMixedBanka
Ofoase Senior High/TechMixedOfoase
Juaso Senior High/Tech MixedJuaso
Parkoso Comm. Senior HighMixedParkoso
Atwima Kwanwoma Snr High/TechMixedTrede
Kwanwoma Senior High/TechMixedAdum Kwanwoma
Adobewora Comm. Senior HighMixedAdobewora
Nyinahin Cath. Senior HighMixedNyinahin
Nkawie Senior High/TechMixedNkawie

Concluding thoughts…

In conclusion, there are a lot of schools in the Ashanti region but these are the category A schools mainly in the Kumasi Metro. There is no specific order, but you can find a school that fits your needs and interests.

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