Category A Schools In Ghana: Everything you Need to Know!

Category A schools in Ghana are considered the top senior high schools and few schools move up into this category each year. WASSCE academic performance, school achievements, infrastructure, population, and facilities are among the major ranking criteria used by the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) to rank Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Junior high school graduates and parents desire their children to enter Ghana’s top senior high schools. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re looking for a senior high school that’s right for you.

Keep in mind that prospective candidates for senior high schools in Ghana would have to choose from seven different categories of senior high schools: category A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. 

Many candidates desire to attend government or public senior high schools, which are classified as A, B, C, and D. Private Senior High/ Technical Vocational Institutions are included in Categories F and G, while public Technical/ Vocational Institutions are listed in Category E.

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The following is also important to remember:

  • A candidate must select five (5) schools (1st to 5th choice).
  • In each school of choice, a candidate must choose programs and accommodation (Day/Boarding).
  • In order of preference, a candidate must list options 1 through 4.
  • A candidate’s 5th fifth option must be a category D compulsory day school in a catchment region. This implies that compulsory day school choice is now restricted to candidates’ 5th choice.
  • A candidate may choose four (4) schools from category C and one (1) from category D schools.
  • A candidate may choose no more than two (2) schools from category B schools.
  • A candidate may choose no more than one (1) school from category A schools.
  • If a candidate wishes to pursue solely technical programs that candidate may select all 1st to 4th schools from category E and must still select the 5th choice from category D schools.
  • A candidate must arrange your selected schools in order of preference.

Table of Contents

1. List of Category A Schools in Ashanti Region

The list will be organized into regions in Ghana. Starting from the Ashanti Region. The following is a detailed list of Category A Schools in Ghana’s Ashanti Region. The exact location and gender are included.

School NameLocationGender
St. Louis Senior High, KumasiOduom-KumasiGirls
Kumasi High SchoolGyinyase-KumasiBoys
Opoku Ware Senior HighSantasi-KumasiBoys
Prempeh CollegeSofoline-KumasiBoys
T. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High , KumasiKumasi – Stadium Mixed
Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High .Tanoso-KumasiGirls
Kumasi Tech. Inst.KumasiMixed

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2. List of Category A Schools in Ahafo Region

In Ghana’s Ahafo Region, there are only 2 public Category A schools (SHS).

School Name LocationGender
OLA Girls Senior High, Kenyasi KenyasiGirls
Serwaa Kesse Girls Senior HighDuayaw NkwantaGirls

3. List of Category A Schools in Bono Region

In Ghana’s Bono Region, there are only 6 public Category A schools (SHS). 

School NameLocationGender
Berekum Presby Senior HighBerekum Mixed
St. Ann’s Girls Senior High, SampaSampaGirls
Our Lady of Providence Senior HighKwasi BuokromGirls
St. James Sem & Senior High, AbesimAbesimBoys
Sunyani Senior HighSunyaniMixed
Notre Dame Girls Senior High, SunyaniSunyaniGirls

4. List of Category A Schools in Bono East Region

Only one school is found in Ghana’s Bono East Region. 

School Name

Nkoranza Tech Inst.



5. List of Category A Schools in Central Region

Eight category A schools are available in the Central Region of Ghana.

School NameLocationGender
Adisadel CollegeCape CoastBoys
Holy Child School, Cape CoastCape CoastGirls
Mfantsipim SchoolCape CoastBoys
St. Augustine’s College, Cape CoastCape CoastBoys
Wesley Girls Senior High, Cape CoastCape CoastGirls
Mfantsiman Girls Senior HighSaltpondGirls
Cape Coast Tech. Inst.Cape CoastMixed
Asuansi Tech. Inst.AsuansiMixed

6. List of Category A Schools in Eastern Region

In Ghana’s Eastern Region, there are 12 public Category A schools (SHS). 

School NameLocationGender
Okuapeman Senior HighAkropongMixed
Aburi Girls Senior HighAburiGirls
St. Rose’s Senior High, AkwatiaAkwatiaGirls
Ofori Panin Senior HighKukurantumiMixed
St. Peter’s Senior High, NkwatiaNkwatiaBoys
Krobo Girls Senior HighOdumaseGirls
Ghana Senior High, Koforidua KoforiduaMixed
Koforidua Senior High/TechKoforiduaMixed
Pope John Snr. High & Min. Sem., KoforiduaKoforiduaBoys
Koforidua Tech. Inst.KoforiduaMixed
Akwatia Tech. Inst.AkwatiaMixed
St. Paul’s Tech. Inst.KukurantumiMixed

7. List of Category A Schools in Greater Accra Region

In Ghana’s Greater Accra Region, there are 10 public Category A schools (SHS).

School NameLocationMixed
Accra AcademyKaneshieBoys
Accra Girls Senior High .MamobiGirls
Achimota Senior HighAchimotaMixed
St. Mary’s Senior High, Korle Gonno Korle GonnoGirls
St. Thomas Aquinas Senior High, CantomentsCantonmentsBoys
Presby Boys Senior High, LegonLegonBoys
Tema Senior High Tema Comm 5Mixed
Accra Tech. Trg. CentreKokomlemleMixed
Tema Tech. Inst.TemaMixed
Ada Tech. Inst.AdaMixed

8. List of Category A Schools in Northern Region

Five category A schools are available in the Northern Region of Ghana.

School NameLocationMixed
Tamale Senior High .TamaleMixed
St. Charles Senior High, TamaleTamaleBoys
Tamale Girls Senior High TamaleGirls
Ghana Senior High, TamaleTamaleMixed
Dabokpa Voc/Tech. Inst.TamaleMixed

9. List of Category A Schools in Upper East Region

Six category A schools are available in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

School Name LocationGender
Bolga Girls Senior High Zaare-BolgatangaGirls
Navrongo Senior High Janania-NavrongoMixed
Notre Dame Sem/ Senior High, NavrongoNavrongoBoys
Bolgatanga Senior High BolgatangaMixed
Bawku Tech. Inst.BawkuMixed
Bolga Tech. Inst.BolgatangaMixed

10. List of Category A Schools in Upper West Region

Four category A schools are available in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

School NameLocationMixed
St. Francis Girls Senior High, Jirapa JirapaGirls
Lawra Senior High LawraMixed
Nandom Senior HighNandomBoys
Wa Tech. Inst.WaMixed

11. List of Category A Schools in Volta Region

In Ghana’s Volta Region, there are five public Category A schools (SHS). 

School NameLocationMixed
Mawuli School, HoHoMixed
OLA Girls Senior High, HoHoGirls
Bishop Herman CollegeKpandoBoys
Anlo Tech. Inst.AnlogaMixed
Kpando Tech. Inst.KpandoMixed

12. List of Category A Schools in Western Region

In Ghana’s Western Region, there are seven public Category A schools (SHS).

School NameLocationGender
Archbishop Porter Girls Snr.HighSekondiGirls
Ghana Senior High/TechTakoradiBoys
Sekondi College SekondiMixed
St. John’s Senior High, SekondiSekondiBoys
Fijai Senior HighSekondiMixed
Takoradi Tech. Inst.TakoradiMixed
Kikam Tech. Inst.KikamMixed

It’s your turn…

There you have it, the current compiled category A senior high schools by GES. Parents and prospective senior high school students, I hope this article serves you well. Any thoughts? Let us know in the comment section. 

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