How To Check Vodafone Cash Mini Statement

Mini statement as the name suggests is an abridged version of the normal bank statement. 

Vodafone cash mini statement allows you to view your last five transactions at 0.05p charge. 

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Why check my Vodafone mini statement?

The Vodafone cash mini statement is a great tool to help Vodafone cash subscribers to keep track of their money. Not only that, if you need a Vodafone cash pin reset you will be asked of your previous transactions. This is a way Vodafone authenticates a customer’s claim. 

Moreover, checking your mini statements could help identify transaction errors and even recognize spending habits. 

The statement includes at most 5 transactions, the date of a particular transaction, type of transaction (airtime transfer, cash in or cash out) and the amount involved in the transaction.

You will need your Vodafone SIM card, your mobile phone and internet access (not needed for all methods) to do this process. 

How to Check your Vodafone Cash Mini Statement Using Shortcodes.

Follow these proven steps to check your Vodafone cash mini statement.

  • Open your dial pad
  • Dial *110# 
  • Select “My Account” by selecting 6
  • Select “Mini statement” 
  • Type in your PIN and your statement is ready!
  • Take a screenshot or write it down and save it for reference.

Alternatively, you can use the “My Vodafone app” to request for a mini statement.

Checking your Vodafone Cash mini Statement Using My Vodafone App

  • Install my Vodafone app from play store
  • Register with your Vodafone number and set a password
  • Log in with your details
  • Navigate to the Vodafone cash section
  • Enter your pin and you will be redirected to your Vodafone cash dashboard
  • On your dashboard, navigate to “my account”
  • Select mini statement to view your statements

Remember, using the app requires internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I check my last transaction on Vodafone?

It’s easy. Dial *110# or call 110. Select “my account” and then select “check balance”. This process is free and you can request a mini statement of your last five transactions at 0.05p.

What is the code for Vodafone cash?


What is a transaction ID?

A transaction ID is a number generated from the electronic transfer of funds. It’s a unique identifying number, meaning that no two transaction ID numbers are identical. These numbers can take many forms and are generated with every card transaction.

Checking your mini statements regularly is a good practice to keep track of your transactions.

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