Do I Need a Visa for Ghana? Requirements and Even More!

Internationally, Ghana is the right place to be if you are looking for a peace-loving country. Now and then, visitors ask one question:

Do I need a visa for Ghana?

Fortunately, yes!  Of course, you need a visa for Ghana. Under immigration requirements, all foreigners need visas before they can be allowed to stay in Ghana. You’ll need a valid passport and a tourist visa is required for you to visit Ghana.

The immigration laws of Ghana are very strict on illegal immigration. Therefore, expatriates must kowtow to the requirements of the Ghanaian visa requirements.

If you are a foreigner who is scrambling to get reliable information on Ghanaian visas, then this article is your best resource.

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Who Needs a Visa for Ghana?

Normally, all foreigners need a Ghanaian visa to stay in Ghana. The other side of the tale is that Ghanaian visa application procedures are sometimes complicated.

So why do foreigners still want to go to Ghana?

Without any slightest doubt, Ghana is the peace hub in West Africa. Everybody wants to have a feel of the much-touted beacon of African democracy.

In particular, 2019 (The Year of Return) saw a massive number of visitors land at the Kotoka International Airport.

The government launched this initiative to commemorate 400 years of the arrival of the first batch of African slaves in Virginia, USA.

It was exciting to watch American superstars like Akon, Cardi B, and Rick Ross perform to cheering crowds in Ghana.

Most of these visitors were issued visas on arrival. This means that visas were issued to the passport holders after they had touched down in Ghana.

However, that’s not always the case. Some visitors apply for their visas ahead of time.

In this way, there is a guarantee that you can’t be stranded in Ghana at the eleventh hour.

Do I Need a Visa for Ghana from the UK?

The answer is yes. As usual, you need a visa for Ghana from the UK. In fact, citizens of the United Kingdom (UK) need a valid passport and Visa, before they can gain entry to Ghana.

British citizens should verify from the Ghana High Commission in the UK, the entry requirements to Ghana.

Additionally, travelers from the UK must check-up with their transport providers. The travel agencies would ascertain whether your travel documents are in line with their requirements for Ghana.

Important Notes About Ghana Visa

I guess you may be asking: what happens if I overstay my visa in Ghana?

I can assure you that the Ghana immigration laws will let you bear the brunt of your misbehavior — if you overstay without visa extension.

Foreigners can be detained for violating visa rules in Ghana. Chances are, visa flouters can’t leave the country until they pay a fine.

Ghana is a land of peace. But you will regret your visit if you tamper with the law.

UK Embassy in Ghana Visa Requirements

  • Your passport must have a minimum validity of 6 months when you land in Ghana. Moreover, it should have at least a blank page for a stamp.
  • Abide by the stipulated duration of your visa. You don’t want to run into trouble with the ugly hands of the laws.
  • An emergency travel document for entry to Ghana is unacceptable. However, you can use it for your departure.
  • The Ghana Immigration Service recognizes Ghana-UK dual nationality. Dual nationals don’t need a visa for Ghana. However, they must register with the interior ministry to acquire a dual card.
  • In Ghana, the risks of yellow transmissions are very high. Travelers must have a vaccination certificate for yellow fever, and (sometimes) other diseases.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa in Ghana?

Normally, it takes about 10-14 working days to get a visa in Ghana. Depending on your visa option, the processing times may even take 3-7 days.

The rush option for the visa application would get you your visa faster.  However, that option might come at a higher cost than the regular service.

To get a visa, submit a visa application form to the Comptroller-General of the Ghana Immigration Service. Next, wish yourself the best of luck and wait for your visa.

How many days can you stay in Ghana with a visa on arrival and? Well, you have 14-30 days to enjoy Ghana while your visa lasts.

Ghana Visa-free Countries 2019

Believe it or not, Ghana does allow a select few citizens from some countries to enter its territory without a visa. This privilege may be enjoyed by the following nationals:

  • ECOWAS citizens on short short-term stay.
  • Kenyans, Trinidadian and Tobagonians, Malaysians, Egyptians, and Singaporeans.
  • Diplomatic Passport Holders from South Africa, Brazil, Germany and the other countries.
  • Foreign officials from the U.N.O, IMF, World Bank, etc.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Do I Need A VISA To Go To Ghana?

Yes for sure. You need a very valid passport, in addition to a visa to go to Ghana.

Can I Get A VISA On Arrival In Ghana? 

Sure, you can get a visa on arrival in Ghana if prior notice is given to Ghana immigration service.

Which Countries Can A Ghanaian Visit Without A VISA? 

The visa-free countries for Ghanaian citizens are Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, India, Jamaica, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and other countries.

In order to improve diplomatic relations between Ghana and other countries, the Ghanaian government signed bilateral agreements with some countries to waiver their visa requirements.

When the visa-waiver agreements get ratified, Ghanaians will only need a valid passport and enough cash to travel to countries like India and Malta.

How Much Is A VISA For Ghana? 

The visa fees for Ghana are as follows:

$100 for multiple-entry and single expedited visas.
$60 for Single-entry visa; valid for 3 months.
$150 for Visa on Arrival
$200 for Multiple Expedited Visa.


Is Ghana a hospitable country? 100% yes. But this doesn’t mean that its borders are open to illegal immigrants.

Visitors to this beautiful country in Africa must carry valid travel documents. These may include passports and visas.

Also, under special agreements, some foreign nationals may gain visa-free access to Ghana.

So for the question, “Do I Need a Visa for Ghana?”

Yes. Getting a Ghana visa is a must for you if you’re coming from a foreign destination that’s not visa-exempt to Ghana. All inbound tourists are required to have very valid passports and tourists’ visas to Ghana.

Some visa requirements for Ghana include a visa application form, photographs, invitation letter, business cover letter, travel arrangements and medical documents.

We hope this article really answered your visa questions about Ghana.

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