Does Shea Butter Help With Scars? Everything You Need to Know!

Does Shea Butter Help With Scars? Everything You Need to Know!

Does shea butter help with scars? Regular massage with shea butter can help in stopping scar tissues from reproducing, making the skin texture better and hence minimizing the appearance of scars and any marks. 

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African Shea Butter

Even though shea butter has been everyone’s favourite for years still a lot of people are hesitant to use shea butter for medical purposes. 

But let me tell you without a second thought that shea butter works wonder when it comes to treating a scar, open wounds, and stretch marks.

The protective fatty acid and vitamin-loaded shea butter come with anti-inflammatory, protective, and tissue-repairing properties that work great (on any skin type) on body marks.

I’m sure you people must be surprised that how in the world a beauty product can be therapeutic.

Sorry to bust the bubble but you got to accept that shea butter is an all-rounder. Be it new or old stretch marks shea butter can heal all types of body blemishes. 

Keep reading and know how shea butter heals scars but before that let’s first understand the concept of scars and their types. 

Shea Butter Products That Can Help With Scars

Palmer’s Shea Formula Raw Shea Body Butter BalmPalmer’s Shea Formula Raw Shea Body Butter Balm
  • Raw Shea Balm: Sustainably sourced raw, natural Shea Butter Body Balm melts right into a radiance boosting, non greasy oil on contact, instantly softening even the driest skin such as elbows and feet
  • Natural Factors: African Shea Butter deeply nourishes and softens skin, Vitamin E rejuvenates and combats free radical damage, Soybean Oil helps prevent skin dehydration and Cocoa Butter improves tone and texture
  • Finest Ingredients: We strive to use only the finest natural, raw ingredients to bring you soft, hydrated and beautiful hair and skin; We support sustainable production of Shea and Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil worldwide
  • Choose What's Real: Our beauty products and hair and skin treatments feature real high quality, plant based ingredients in formulas that really work to hydrate and soften, from lip balm to bar soap to body butter
  • Palmer's Skin Care: Our Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E product lines include creams, balms, lotions, oils and soaps for hand and body, face, lip, sun care, hair care and pregnancy and stretch mark care
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Bio-Oil Skincare Body Oil, Moisturizer for Scars and StretchmarksBio-Oil Skincare Body Oil, Moisturizer for Scars and Stretchmarks
  • IMPROVES APPEARANCE OF ACNE SCARS AND STRETCH MARKS - Clinically proven to help repair skin damage and scars from pregnancy, surgery, injury, acne, C-section, aging, and more. Bio-Oil is non comedogenic and a great acne scar treatment for face.
  • PACKED WITH POWERFUL, NATURAL OILS - Vitamin A Oil promotes the formation of new collagen and assists in skin renewal, increasing skin elasticity. Vitamin E Oil, Chamomile Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Lavender Oil are anti-inflammatory and promote healthy skin.
  • LOCKS IN ESSENTIAL MOISTURE WITHOUT CLOGGING PORES - Uniquely formulated, non-greasy body oil that hydrates skin and helps retain moisture to repair scars without clogging your pores. Effective acne scar healer and anti-aging face moisturizer for women.
  • HELPS SMOOTH UNEVEN SKIN TONES - Works naturally to improve the appearance of uneven skin tones, for light and dark skin tones. Mineral oil, one of Bio-Oil's base oils, works both as an emollient, which keeps the skin soft and smooth, and as a moisturizer.
  • FORMULATED FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Keep Bio-Oil Skincare Oil on-hand to ensure the whole household is covered. Helps soften skin and repairs damage for all types, tones, textures, and areas of your skin. Bio-Oil is safe to use during pregnancy.
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SheaMoisture Balancing MoisturizerSheaMoisture Balancing Moisturizer
  • SheaMoisture African Black Soap Balancing Moisturizer is a face lotion, dry skin moisturizer and cream that keeps skin hydrated while balancing oily to combination skin
  • This lightweight lotion for dry skin is a paraben free travel size lotion that combines ethically sourced Shea Butter with moisture-rich oils to use as a moisturizing cream or hand lotion
  • Blended with Black soap and fair trade Shea Butter, this moisturizing lotion and hand lotion creates a rich dry skin lotion and moisturizer
  • Meet SheaMoisture's carefully formulated dry skin cream, moisturizing lotion and hand care that contains no parabens, no phthalates and no mineral oil
  • You can also use this skin moisturizer by SheaMoisture as a hand therapy dry skin moisturizer or moisturizing lotion for dry skin or as a sensitive skin lotion every day
  • Enjoy our shea butter moisturizing cream and skin moisturizer for dry skin that's a paraben free lotion by SheaMoisture that has been tested on our family for generations and never on animals
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SEACRET Body ButterSEACRET Body Butter
  • Seacret Body Butter, Ocean Mist, 8.5 fl. oz.
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A scar can be defined as a mark which is left after the injured tissue of a specific area (which was cut, burned, or injured due to any reason) has been healed. As humans, we all have different types of scars on our bodies either from cutting veggies, falling off a tree or riding a bicycle in our childhood.

Here are 3 different types of scars.

Types of Scars

1. Keloid

Keloids are deep red and darker appearances that have irregular clustered tissues around them. They are thick, and undefined but rounded in shape. Appear on the upper body like the ear, chest, and shoulders.

It takes 1 year approx from trauma to get back to tissue repair, fading away, and the healing process.

2. Hypertrophic

They are a type of keloid scars that are thick, deep, and red but when the skin undergoes hypertrophic scaring, the growth of the tissues is restricted to boundaries. 

From the outside, they look risen and deep and usually take up to 1year for recovery.  

3. Contractures

When the skin gets damaged to a greater extent, it is called contracture. 

Usually, muscle tightness, irreversible pain, and improvable joints are the after some suffering that contractures bring.

As now you are aware of what exactly scars look like, let’s move forward to the treatment of lesions through shea butter.

Different Scars Shea Butter Can Treat 

1. Acne Spots

acne Scars

Oh boy! We all are on the same page when it comes to uninvited acne and its permanent spots.

Acne comes due to clogged skin pores either by oils or dust. Once there is an excess amount of oils on the skin it begins to break out.

Other than oils, when skin loosens its moisture due to humidity and the high temperature it becomes dehydrated and then comes the worst part ACNE!

A friendly piece of advice, switch to shea butter as it has a high content of antioxidant vitamin E that helps repair skin in no time.

You can use ointments that have a hint of shea butter in them or directly apply shea butter on acne marks and dark spots to instantly get shiny and spotless skin.

2. Stretch Marks

Scars 1

There are various marks on the body for some you are proud of while others don’t bother you at all. 

Most of the time when we talk about stretch marks everyone has a story to tell. Be it from pregnancy or weight loss people love to talk about them. Stretch marks appear when the dermis (middle layer) of the skin stretches rapidly. 

Some people embrace stretch marks while others feel disheartened about how their skin looks like. To help you in this situation we recommend you use shea butter.

Shea butter works great with collagen production and gives skin a favourable platform to create new cells thus leading to a prominent decrese in the stretch marks and fading away.

3. Atrophic Scars

Atrophic Scars

Next on the list is atrophic scarring. They are in general dense scars that stay on the body for a longer period. 

Atrophic scars can be the reason for chickenpox virus, acne, and minor injuries that once your skin faced.

Although atrophic scars fades away after some time, however, if you are impatient hop onto shea butter as its antioxidant characteristic is everything you need.

4. Eczema and Psoriasis

Eczema and Psoriasis

Will you people believe me when I say shea butter can make eczema better? 

With regular use of shea butter, one can observe prominent changes and improvements.  

The discomfort and itchiness that eczema and psoriasis bring can get better with shea butter as its anti-inflammatory property helps in giving a soothing effect.

The research was carried out to examine the effect of shea butter on treating eczema and I’m delighted to tell that shea butter works wonders just like any other eczema cream. 

5. Surgical Scars

Surgical Scars

Surgical cuts are an extreme example of open wounds

Studies show that vitamin E can improve the overall health of the scar. In this regard, a lot of people use vitamin E products soon after surgery for faster recovery.

Instead of using commercially made vitamin E products switch to shea butter as it is full of antioxidant vitamin E that provides aid in the renewal of skin.   

6. Ringworms


Lastly, ringworms. The sore, red, irritating oral structures that bring nothing but discomfort are ringworms. 

Although shea butter cannot completely treat ringworms, however, it can lessen irritation and dark spots that these bad boys leave on the body.

Regular use of shea butter can bring relief to the targeted areas of your delicate body.

Methods Of Treatment

We have talked about how beneficial shea butter is for your body scars, stretch marks, and post-surgery scars but the question that arises here is how exactly to use it. 

Either you have to go for a treated or raw shea butter? Use it directly or mix it with other oils? Creams, ointments?

Folks relax! We got you. Here are 3 main routes of administration of shea butter that you can follow to get flawless and spot-free skin.

1. Shea Butter-Based Cream and Ointment

There are many over-the-counter ointments currently available on the market that are shea butter formulated. 

The main ingredient of ointments is vitamin E, A, and F which works wonders on collagen and tissue repair.

Shea butter cream also contains oleic fatty acids that provide control to excess oil on skin that leads to uninvited acne and then dark spots.  

Before rushing to pharmacies, make sure you do proper research regarding the type of scar, and active ingredients of ointment to avoid further discomfort.

2. Direct Application To The Skin

Shea butter is one of the safest natural items. It doesn’t possess any type of harmful effects on users. 

Scoop out the shea butter and slightly warm it up in your palms by rubbing them together (make sure your hands are clean and dry) then apply directly onto the skin.

The cetyl asters in shea butter work as a moisturizing agent. Due to the direct application, the moisture of the skin stays there for a long time and helps heal scars faster.

3. Do It-Yourself DIYs

DIYs are the easiest and quickest way to solve any issues.

If due to your busy schedule you are not getting enough time to make a visit to the market and get shea butter-based products, why not prepare them at home and use them regularly?

Here are 2 DIYs to overcome scars and rejuvenate your delicate skin.



Cocoa butter -2 oz

Shea butter-4 oz

Essential oil-8, 10 drops

Rosehip oil-1 oz

Carrier oil-2, 2.5 oz


Start by melting cocoa butter and shea butter through a double boiling procedure. 

Once melted set aside and add rosehip and carrier oil (any of your choice). Let it cool at 90F for 1-2 hours. The last step is to whip it until it is doubled.

Once fluffy introduce it into a container and use it regularly.



  • Cocoa butter -2tsp
  • Shea butter-1/4th cup
  • Aloe Vera gel-2tsp
  • Honey-1, 2tsp
  • Frankincense essential oil- 8, 10 drops
  • Lavender essential oil -8, 10 drops (optional)
  • Vitamin E capsule-1


To prepare this DIY mask, start my melting down cocoa butter with shea butter through a double boiler method. 

Once full melted introduce this combination to a bender (set aside for cooling for 20 minutes) and add aloe Vera gel, honey, and vitamin E capsule to it. Blend, blend, and blend until fully combined.

Now you can transfer this creamy mixture to a glass container and add the essential oil of your choice and mix with a light hand. 

Again put it in the refrigerator for some time and you have your scar removal mask ready that too with proper hygiene.

It is advised to use it every day for 2-4 months to see progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

In how many days does shea butter show results?

Although it varies from person to person, however, with regular use of shea butter you can completely vanish dark spots and scars in 6months.

Is shea butter better than Cocoa butter?

Yes, shea butter is better than cocoa butter when it comes to treating scars. Cocoa butter is known to clog pores and sometimes people get irritated skin so it is advised to utilize shea butter for scar removal.

How to know if shea butter is working for your skin type?

If your skin feels hydrated, moisturized, soft and glossy for upto 8 hours it means shea butter is doing its wonders day and night.  

Is shea butter safe for acne-prone skin?

Yes, shea butter is known as the safest therapy to treat acne and acne marks. It is loaded with vitamin E which is everything you need for your skin during the breakout. 

How to apply shea butter on fresh scars?

Either you can apply over-the-counter ointments or directly administer raw and pure shea butter on scars. Both routes are easy to administer. 

It’s Your Turn!

Fellas! Shea butter is the safest cure to all your problems. Be it regarding hair fall, hyperpigmentation, or treating your scars. 

All you have to do is sit back, do a little research and get on track to cure your issues.

We would love to know how this article helped you get back a spotless body. 

Our comment section is waiting to hear success stories.

Much love.

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