Emergency Numbers in Ghana: Police, Fire & Ambulance Service

Emergency Numbers In Ghana Large

Tables of Ghana Emergency Numbers

Emergency Departments



191/ 112/ 18555

Fire Service

192/ 112


193/ 112

Police Headquarters


Ghana Police Ashanti Region

Emergency Numbers

Information Room


Regional CID Office0322025441
Striking Force DSP0322022827

Ghana Police Brong Ahafo

Emergency Numbers

Regional Headquarters, Sunyani


Police Clinic, Sunyani


Ghana Police Accra

Emergency Numbers

Deputy Commissioner, Accra


Central CID, Accra


Anti-Armed Robbery, Accra


Airport Police Station


Tema Regional Commander


Tema Information Room 



Ghana Police Service — Northern Region

Emergency Numbers

Tamale Regional Headquarters


Information Room


Ghana Police Service — Western Region

Emergency Numbers

Regional Commander


Harbor Police Station 


At long last, Ghana has introduced a brand-new emergency number to handle all emergency cases in Ghana.

Now, what’s that universal number for fire, police, and ambulance services in Ghana?

Answer: it’s 112. 

But what necessitated this sudden twist of events?

Well, instead of asking plenty of questions, you should be eager to know what the launch means to you. 

Anyway, as of 2020, we’re still in President Akufo Addo’s government. Everything is about change and moving Ghana forward.

“To grow is to change, and to be perfect is to have undergone a number of changes”. 

Therefore, maybe we should welcome Ghana’s new emergency number as a change that has come to test our emergency response system. 

This article is here to teach you how to use Ghana’s emergency hotline 112 like a boss.

What Does an Emergency Number Mean in Ghana?

Ghana is a peaceful country, right?

Well, that’s somehow true.

Unfortunately, the same country is characterized by rampant road accidents, fire outbreaks, armed robbery, and other unprintable deeds.

An emergency is an urgent situation that demands immediate attention because further delays could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Emergency numbers in Ghana and many parts of the world, usually take the form of 3-digit codes that can be easily memorized. Even though, some emergency contacts exceed 3 digits.

There are 3 main departments that attend to emergency calls in Ghana. They are the Fire Service, Police Service, and the Ambulance Service. 

Before the introduction of the universal emergency hotline 112, all these departments went with unique numbers.

With the launch of 112, Prez Akufo Addo has merged (standardized) the telephone contacts of Ghana’s emergency services.

Ghana is far from being the only country that has emergency services for its citizens. 

If you were in the US and you wanted to call the cops, you’d have to dial 911 on your freaking phone.

What are the old emergency numbers for Ghana?

Previously, the Police Department, Fire Department and Ambulance Services all went with unique numbers for emergencies.

However, it’s important to note that the introduction of 112 doesn’t necessarily mean that the old emergency numbers are discarded.

It would be very unwise to do that.

Some emergency departments still go with their old numbers.

Here is a list of the old emergency numbers for Ghana Police, Fire, and Ambulance Services.

  • 191: an emergency number for Ghana Police
  • 192: emergency number for Ghana Fire Service. 
  • NB: 18555 is also an alternative emergency for Ghana police (aka “Aban”).
  • 193: an emergency number for Ghana Ambulance Services

How to access the new Emergency number 

Now that you already know 112 as the new emergency hotline for Ghana, what are you waiting for? 

An emergency?

God forbid!

No one wishes you an emergency case. But remember, life is no bed of roses.

Be sure to prepare for unforeseeable circumstances that may confront you at any time. 

In case you find yourself in need of emergency services, just pick up the phone and call 112. 

It doesn’t matter what telecom network you’re subscribed to. Moreover, the phone could even be in locked mode while giving you space to type in any emergency number.  

The call will go through at no cost.

It’ll be sent to a central controller and then rerouted to the appropriate emergency responders. 

When the emergency response teams pick up your call, make sure you give them the right information about what has happened, or what’s happening.

My Near-Death Encounter with Emergency

The last time I got involved in an emergency situation, it was a fatal road accident.

In September 2019, my wife and I were traveling in a Kumasi-bound air-conditioned Metro Mass bus. 

It was a good ride until our careless driver, out of inexperience or bloodthirstiness, crashed our vehicle into a deep ditch beside the road. 

Within split seconds, our vehicle had somersaulted and thrown every occupant out of their seats. I couldn’t believe how it happened so fast. 

How could I have seen every scene when I was so busy with my phone? 

Well, I can say my wife and I were very lucky to have survived that tragic accident in which more than 10 fatalities were recorded. 

While the accident was occurring, I could feel my bones breaking under the impact of metallic debris. 

Seriously speaking, I thought I had passed away until I safely walked out of the mangled wreckage when it made its final impact and the engines ceased roaring.

At least I knew I had survived with minor injuries; it was only a shallow cut on my right elbow.

Nothing more, nothing less! 

How about my pretty newlywed wife? Where was she?  

Just kidding!

We got married, but there was no wedding. Why because, I’m not a huge fan of Western-styled weddings! 

The good news is that my wife also survived; except that her injuries were more serious but not fatal — she sustained a deep cut on her thigh, and then a few broken ribs. 

She was bleeding all over her face when I found her. I assisted her to move to a safer distance from the mangled bus.

Having both made it alive, we were now in dire need of emergency services. The accident occurred around 4:30 pm. It was a Sunday. 

There was no hope of getting an ambulance.

Gnashing of teeth characterized the accident spot as lifeless bodies and survivors lay down helpless.

That was when I realized that Ghana’s emergency response system is rotten to its core.

Speeding commercial cars saw our predicament but never bothered to stop. They whizzed past us.

Fortunately, some nearby residents finally came to our rescue. 

Since almost all of us (the victims and survivors) had lost our electronic devices, we couldn’t call the emergency numbers. 

My phones and my laptop perished in the disaster. 

We were lucky to have some caring eyewitnesses at our disposal. They quickly called some area guys who were “Okada drivers” (tricycle drivers). 

At that point in time, the rickety tricycle functioned as our ambulance.

But it was a lifesaver.

My wife and I, together with two other female passengers were rushed to the SDA Hospital at Namong. 

There, our injuries were sutured.

I was discharged two days later after my admission.

My wife’s condition was a bit complex. 

But thankfully, she received good treatment when she was referred to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi. 

As I speak to you today, we’ve both fully recovered from the shocks of the gory accident; no deformities! 


Isn’t it?

No, what you can take away from my true emergency life story is that — let’s be each other’s keepers. 

Be ready to extend a helping hand to people who are in emergency situations. 

Do it even if it demands you to call the fire department, police department, or ambulance service.

Finally, desist from making prank calls to emergency service providers! It’s dangerous! 

Let’s hope that President Akufo Addo’s new ambulances will improve emergency response in Ghana.

Say NO to careless driving.

Stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the emergency number for fire service?

192 or 112

What is Ghana’s police emergency number?

191, 112 or 18555.

What are the emergency numbers in Ghana?

They are 191, 192, 193 and 112 (the universal emergency number)



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