Foreo vs Clarisonic: Which one is Better?

Alright so! Let me start all the stuff with my experience. When I’m disturbed, I break out in pimples. When I started getting pimples, I imagined it would stop until I was no longer a teenager. LOL! I was so incorrect.

So, since I’m fortunate not to suffer from chronic acne, I’ve always been fascinated by facial cleansers. Do they have any effect? Are they beneficial or detrimental to your skin? These are the things I’ve finally chosen to look into. 


And, if you’re into facial cleansing devices, you’ve definitely confronted the problem of Foreo versus Clarisonic and discussed which one to choose. If you are in the same boat, this post is for you. I’ll clarify which is better: Clarisonic or Foreo. Continue reading to find out what I decided. GET SET GO!

Who is the Clarisonic vs Foreo for?

The first thing I’d like to clarify— is who Clarisonic versus Foreo is meant for. This is a concern with all facial cleansing products, not just these two. Facial cleansing brushes are frequently sold to women, however, they may also be used by men. 

Cleaning your skin is more than simply a skincare regime. Cleansing your skin is the foundation of your entire skincare routine every single other step rests upon this foundation. THIS IS ACTUALLY THE NECESSITY OF CLEAN SKIN! 

So if cleansing is that important why not do it better, hmm? 

A face cleansing brush, such as the Clarisonic or Foreo, is designed to remove debris, makeup, and damaged cells that cause pimples and dull skin. 

It’s the most effective way to cleanse your skin. Sounds good, right?

First impressions

Here I will tell you the very first impression of these two brands when I opened up my packages. I AM VERY HONEST HERE!


I desperately wanted to try Foreo Luna 2 so I got this. It was comfortable to grasp but lacked a handle. The brush is tiny enough to fit in your palm or to be grasped with your fingertips. It’s tiny, light, and compact.

 This is fantastic for around the house, but not so much for traveling. It should have a traveling case.


So I ordered Clarisonic mia 2. The Clarisonic initial impression was that it features an easy-to-hold grip that provides you effortless control as you glide the cleansing brush across your face. The brush itself was the right size… neither too big nor too little. 

The brush heads are the ideal length and texture. It is not annoying. It fits nicely in my hand. IT WAS GOOD SEEING THAT DEVICE!

Keep in mind that the above is just a first impressions review. The real matter will be revealed ahead. FOLLOW ME!

What does Foreo have to offer?

  • Twelve customizable intensities
  • 8000 pulsation every minute
  • USB charging cord 
  • Claims to remove 99.5% dirt
  • Soft silicone touchpoints
  • To and fro movements
  • Includes manual and pouch

What does Clarisonic have to offer?

  • Two speeds—delicate, and daily
  • Universal voltage USB charger
  • 300 movements every second
  • Includes charger, travel case and cleanser
  • Circular movements
  • 2700 micro firming massages per use

Overall review of Clarisonic

As I told you, I ordered Clarisonic Mia 2 so do you want to know my experience with that massaging magic device? Here you go!

I was skeptical of this product at first, but I decided to give it a shot, and I was so happy!

I observed Clarisonic has an oscillating bristle brush head. It kind of wiggles things off the surface and out of your pores. 

Broadly speaking, it was simple to go around the entire face, especially around the nose, which can be difficult to reach at times.

 Clarisonic is designed for those who have oily skin and wish to minimize blackheads and acne. It cannot increase collagen, and I would not rely on their face cleansers to reduce wrinkles. They can only keep pores clean. 

Furthermore, while I believe these items are suitable for regular oily skin, I was concerned about dry or sensitive skin. 

As many others have stated, I saw rapid changes in the texture (and dryness) of my skin following my first usage. After a few days of usage, I had a severe rash (skin peeling and splitting) and was worried. 

Even with the sensitive setting and giving almost no pressure to the face, and simply allowing the brush to do its job, the Mia 2 felt a little bit scratchy and gritty. After I finished cleansing the skin, it ended up feeling clean but also dried out, rough, and uncomfortable. OOPS!!! But I really felt that way—sadly!

The main problem was the cleanse. If you have the right cleanse as per your skin type the device can perform marvelously. 

I wish the heads were easier to replace, or that they could be “hot-swapped” while the device was still wet. I’m thinking about using some of the exfoliating brushes on my arms and legs, where I have minor keratosis pilaris, but I’m scared to switch out the face brush. I didn’t use the trial cleanser that came with it because I already use a more expensive cleanser.

The best part is that someone with normal-dry to sensitive skin, like myself, may usually gain advantages by just using it less frequently—every other day vs. every day—and scrubbing as lightly as possible.

The cons

  • The Clarisonic’s main disadvantage has to be its battery life and charging time. A complete charge takes a very long time, practically a whole day.
  • Another disadvantage is that the Clarisonic brushes must be replaced every three months or so, which implies additional ongoing costs.

Overall review of Foreo

This summer, I was having trouble keeping gentle exfoliation under control, and as a result, I had very dull patches- the sort that just keeps coming up but never really fades away. 

Fortunately, FOREO was there for me just in time, bringing me a remedy that got my skin back on the right path and feeling smooth, fresh, and patch-free in time for the holidays.

To be frank, I’m still not clear how those T-sonic pulsations work; all I know is that they do since I can see the outcomes. Matter of fact, it’s an exfoliating gadget, and the bristles and pulsations will only aggravate your acne.

 Hence, if you have acne and wanted to test out the Luna, I’m sorry to upset you – you may use it on acne-free areas of your face, but I recommend against putting any Luna gadget straight on inflammatory regions.

The Foreo Luna 2 was also quite easy to drive around the entire face, although it was significantly more difficult to cleanse around the nose because of the bigger surface area of the brush than the Clarisonic. 

To use it, I apply my cleanser to my face, moisten it, and massage it in a circular motion over my skin for one minute before rinsing. I normally use the default setting and don’t experiment with the other seven vibration levels. The skin felt incredibly massaged during the washing procedure, which was a truly delightful process. The skin felt really smooth, silky, and not dried out after cleaning.

Because the Foreo brush head is not removable and is composed of silicone, it is more difficult to clean. You’ll also need to clean it more frequently. It’s preferable to soak it in hot water with liquid soap.

The cons

  • The first thing that comes to mind is that you can’t customize the cleansing session as much as you can with the Clarisonic.
  • The second disadvantage is for persons who enjoy the foamy sensation of a cleanser. Sadly, the foaming ability of the Foreo is a little inadequate.

FAQs related to Foreo and Clarisonic

  1. Does Foreo Luna remove blackheads?

Yes, it does help in removing blackheads, whiteheads, and zits. You have to be regular with it.

  1. Is Clarisonic bad for your skin?

While it may feel good to use it twice a day, it might have bad results if you do not use it with gaps. It may dry out your skin if you use it too frequently.

  1. Does Foreo exfoliate?

Yes, Foreo LUNA is a great device for exfoliating your skin. 

  1. Is it okay to use Foreo LUNA every day?

I suggest that you try the FOREO LUNA 2: the deep cleansing device will softly exfoliate your skin without causing irritation, and you may use it every day, even 2 times a day.

  1. Does Clarisonic make your acne worse?

When used correctly, cleansing your skin with an ultrasonic brush, such as those made by Clarisonic, can be helpful. So when skin is highly sensitive and irritated, it is simply not a good decision to use it on mild to severe breakouts.

Foreo Vs. Clarisonic—Who is the winner?

The Clarisonic has additional accessories to sell and is the less expensive of the two alternatives. However, when it relates to what truly counts, namely how the product cleanses and illuminates your face, I feel the Foreo is the superior choice. Without a doubt, my favorite is the Foreo Luna; in truth, my Clarisonic has been accumulating dust on the vanity shelf since the Luna finally came. Foreo provides significantly more options for various skin types, warranties, and an ongoing product range. 

So what’s your favorite? Any thoughts?

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