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Ghana Passportt Online

In order to get a Ghana passport, applicants must pass through the stipulated application and vetting processes. You can kick-start the application process by filling out an online form.

At the end of the day, you’ll be given a specific date to visit the passport office. That’s where you would make a payment of GHS 60 (about $11) to officially commence your passport acquisition process.

Some time ago, getting a Ghana passport was like swimming against the tide. The process was too hectic and time-consuming. This was because of an efficient system that saw the existence of only 5 passport offices nationwide.

Now, thanks to new digital arrangements, it’s now a lot easier to secure a passport in Ghana.

Guidelines for Online Passport Application

You can never tell when you’ll badly be in need of a Ghana passport. Even if you think you have no use for it today, tomorrow may surprise you.

What happens when that uncle or relative of yours in the US, writes you an invitation letter for a visa?

Well, without a passport you can’t have a visa. Without a visa, you can’t travel abroad.  So basically, your lifetime travel opportunity will just slip away.

That’s why a Ghana passport is a must-have item for Ghanaian youth, especially graduates.

Thanks to the roll-out of the Ghana Online Passport Application portal in  2017, you and I can undergo a stress-free process to get our passports.

I think successive Ghanaian governments are becoming smarter by the day. The Akufo Addo-led NPP government may have its Achilles heels, but its digitization of the economy seems to be a laudable achievement.

When the passport office went online, many Ghanaians have grasped the opportunity to acquire their visas. I know a couple of friends who have flown overseas with Ghana passports to read master’s and PhD programs.

The online passport portal is a game-changer because it has been integrated with Mobile Money (MoMo) payment options.

The system is further made complete by the Mobile Money Interoperability which allows for cross-network transactions. You don’t need to visit a banking hall before you can get a pin to fill out the online form.

What better system can we ask for again? Now we need money in our pockets. But we shall all get there,  provided we work hard and think smartly.

The good news is that instead of 5 passport offices, Ghana now has up to 11 passport centres, ready for action on working days. The centers all support the online application process.

To initiate your application, pick out a convenient Passport Application  Center (PAC). It should be one that’s close to your locality. That’s where they’ll take your biometric details and also issue you the passport when it’s ready.

To guide you to select the best center, here are the various offices and their locations.

  • Accra Premium PAC, Greater Accra Region
  • Kumasi Premium PAC, Ashanti Region
  • Accra PAC Kinbu Road, Greater Accra
  • Ridge PAC Ridge,  Greater Accra Region
  • Koforidua PAC, Eastern Region
  • Tema PAC, Greater Accra Region
  • Kumasi PAC, Ashanti Region
  • Takoradi PAC, Western Region
  • Sunyani PAC, Brong Ahafo Region
  • Ho PAC, Volta Region
  • Tamale PAC, Northern Region

What is the fastest way to get a passport in Ghana?

The Ghana Premium Passport Application is the fastest way to get a passport in Ghana.

Beginning from 2019, Ghanaians received more exciting news. It was about the launch of the premium passports. These are meant to expedite the processing times of Ghanaian passports.

At first, people jubilated briefly upon hearing the news. But it turns out not everyone can afford to pay for premium passports. In one sense, we can say that it’s meant for the big men (VIPs).

If you think you are also a big man, you can get premium passports within the space of  15 days— obviously at a much higher cost.

Where can I get a passport?

Go to the Accra Digital Center now to apply for your premium passports.

After going through the normal application process and paying the GHS 60, you would receive a confirmation text from the application centre.

The next message is the one that will bring smiles to your face. It normally reads like ” Hello Mr. Robert Nelson, your passport G2****1 is ……..”

The rest of the message tells you when your passport will be ready.

After everything is said and done, you’re charged for processing in addition to the passport.

Summing up the charges:

  • Standard applicants pay GHC 160
  • Express applicants pay GHC 210

As of March 2020, Ghana has suspended the laborious old-fashioned way of passport applications. All centres now support only online applications.

At long last, the manual application process is thrown out of the window. Let’s hope this would eliminate corruption while improving processing speed.

What was the manual passport application like?

It was like nothing to write home about. At first, applicants were required to purchase and fill a paper passport form. The system was time-consuming and full of corruption.

Middlemen exploited the loopholes to scam people, and present them with fake passports.

Also, since it was a manual system, people had to queue up for long hours at the passport offices. Once in a while, fights and quarrels would erupt among the applicants.

Because of the myriads of inconveniences in the old system, the government ditched it and introduced the online passport application. We should be grateful for that initiative.

Now, if anyone attempts to fool you with a passport form on paper, report the person to the police; because he’s a scammer.

Ghana Passport Online Application

How can I apply for a passport online?

These are the steps to follow when applying for the online Ghana passport.

  1. First, visit the Ghana Passport website
  2. Register an account
  3. Login to your account
  4. Go to Start New Application

Pay the fees and select the application option (whether express or standard). Once you finish payment, the online form would be available in your account at My Applications.


  • At this stage, you don’t need the voucher codes
  • Payments made are not refundable
  • Fill in your accurate details on the form
  • Put your signature on the Declaration Form

Schedule passport appointments with the Passport centre. On that day, they’ll verify your documents and take your biometric data and a photograph.

After showing up for the appointment, the passport centre would disclose to you when you can get your passport.

When you finally get the message, go and claim your passport. You’re done!

How much does a passport cost in Ghana?

Depending on your application option, you would either get a 32-page booklet or a 48-page booklet.

For standard applicants, 32-page passports cost GHS 100, 48-page passports cost GHS 150.

For express applicants, 32-page passports cost GHC 150 while 48-page passports go for a whopping GHS 200

Passport Forms Download

Unfortunately, you can’t get a free blank passport application form to download in Ghana. But because I want to help you familiarize yourself with the details required, here is a filled passport form for reference.

Only use this sample online form as a guide. Don’t refill it and submit to any passport centre.

How do I renew my Ghana passport?

You must follow the same procedure outlined in the application process. But this time round, you must show your previous biometric passport. I normally make sure I visit the passport renewal near me.

What do I need to get a passport in Ghana?

You will need an original birth certificate and other documents to establish your Ghanaian identity. A guarantor and your tax identification number (TIN) may also be required. So get everything ready.

How long does it take to get a Ghanaian passport?

If you go for expedited (premium) passports, it takes about 2 weeks to get a Ghana passport. On the other hand, it takes about 10 days to 1 month for you to get standard passports.

But that all depends on whether your documents meet the requirements. If they don’t, you can’t get a passport.

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