Ghana Visa on Arrival: Do You Have What It Takes For a Visa?

Thanks to her enviable reputation on the world map, Ghana continues to be a favorite tourist destination in sub-Saharan Africa. How do you get a Ghana visa on arrival?

And by the way, what is a Ghana visa on arrival? As far as Ghana Immigration is concerned, visas on arrival are issued to visiting passport holders after their arrival at the airport.

With respect to Visa on arrival, Visa policy of Ghana states that “From 1 July 2016 citizens of the African Union (except Morocco) member states that are not visa-exempt can obtain a 30 days maximum visa for Ghana upon arrival for a fee $150. The arrangement would be piloted at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra for three months, and thereafter extended to all other entry points of the country.”

Ghana visas on arrival are available for member states of the African Union who are not visa-free to Ghana. Costing $150, the 30-days-valid visa on arrival is given to passport holders who have obtained pre-arranged approval notices from Ghana Immigration authorities.

This provision took effect at the Kotoka International Airport, as early as 2016.

These visas are rarely granted, except under certain conditions. If you would love to come to Ghana through a visa on arrival, that’s good news!

However, there are a lot of exciting facts you may not know about Ghana visas on arrival. Stay glued to your screen, the icing on the cake comes up next.

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Can I Get Visa on Arrival in Ghana?

To be blunt with you, it’s yes! You can get a visa on arrival in Ghana. But that depends on your ability to make early arrangements with Ghana Immigration Service.

Visa on arrival is also known as an emergency entry visa. For the most part, these visas have a validity period of 2 weeks to 1 month.

Before applying for a visa on arrival, visitors must keep the short validity period in mind. They must also know their host in Ghana.

Normally, it’s your Ghanaian host who fills the application form on behalf of you, the foreign visitor.

What else do you need to have before applying for a visa on arrival?

You’ll need your valid passport.

Or let’s say your official travel documents.

These documents must fully establish your own identity and national identity. Ghana laws do not entertain impostors (impersonators).

That said, you do not need to fear if you are real. The immigration service recognizes and accepts certified travel documents endorsed by governments and other international bodies.

For instance, Laissez-Passer is a perfect example of official documents that are accepted by the Ghana Immigration Service. It’s issued by the U.N.O and the I.L.O.

Ghana Visa on Arrival Application Form

Are you doubting your odds of getting a Ghana visa on arrival? Maybe you shouldn’t worry much.

The procedures are simple. That’s if you have no problems with obeying rules and regulations.

Here are some guidelines to help you secure your visa without going through hell.

Firstly, let your host send your visa on arrival application letter to the immigration department in Accra.

In the letter, the following information must be captured:

  • Your country of departure
  • How long will you stay in Ghana?
  • Your expected arrival date in Ghana
  • Lodging address in Ghana
  • What’s your occupation abroad?
  • Your abroad contact details (email and phone).
  • What’s your main reason for wanting to visit Ghana? Give a detailed description.

Now, what’s next?

The application letter doesn’t go alone. Based on your visa type, you may have to attach the following documents to the letter:

  • Air ticket
  • Personal Bank statement
  • Your company regulations
  • Certificate of tax clearance
  • Residential proof in Ghana
  • Passport bio-data of the applicant
  • Businesses registration documents
  • ID card of the host signing the letter

Is that all the procedures to follow when applying for a visa on arrival in Ghana?  Not exactly! But we’re almost there. 

There are a few terms and conditions about Ghana’s visa on arrival. Knowledge of these terms would help you to decide whether you’re eligible for this visa.

Visas on arrival are given when:

  1. Your country has no Ghana Consulate 
  2. You are on emergency travel to Ghana
  3. You’re on a short business mission in Ghana
  4. Your place of residence abroad is very from the Ghana Consulate

If all goes well, your visa on arrival will be processed for you within a week after submission.

The Ghana Immigration Service may ask for further evidence to back your statements, before granting you the green light on your journey.

Ghana Visa on Arrival Countries

Members of the African Union (excluding Morocco), can get a 30-day visa-on-arrival in Ghana. This comes at a fee of $150.

I must also mention that Ghana has signed visa-waiver agreements with some countries such as India, Venezuela, and Malta. When the deal is finalized, citizens of these countries can visit Ghana for a limited number of days — without a visa.

If you want to tour Ghana, then first check the visa requirements for Ghana from the consulates in your country. It’s possible that your country’s citizens can come to Ghana visa-free.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a US citizen Get a Visa on Arrival in Ghana?

I give you a straight answer! US citizens don’t usually get visas on arrival in Ghana, except on special occasions like the 2019 Year of Return.

Interestingly, Ghana Immigration Service does issue visas on arrival to British nationals who are coming to Ghana from the US.

Does Ghana issue visa on arrival To People From The US?

Visa rules work in reverse. If Ghanaians can’t acquire American visas on arrival, then chances are, Americans may not also enjoy visa-on-arrival privileges in Ghana. 

That’s not to say that it’s impossible for American citizens to secure visas on arrival in Ghana. The fact is, the chances are narrow, but you can always try your luck, in cases of urgency.

Emergency Entry Visa is issued upon arrival and is usually valid for 30 days. A person can obtain a visa on arrival by applying to the Comptroller-General of Ghana Immigration Service (GIS). The application must be filed by the host person or entity in Ghana on behalf of the visiting foreign national.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa to Ghana?

It doesn’t take so long to get a visa to Ghana. In all, the processing time takes about 4-10 working days.

But that would depend on many factors such as the kind of visa you are seeking — tourist visa, business visa, student visa, etc.

Also, it would probably won’t take more than 7 working days for your visa-on-arrival to be processed in Ghana.

Does Ghana have eVisa?

Way back in 2019, Ghana was developing plans to launch E-visas. Basically, the government intends to digitize every sector of the economy. 

When introduced, E-visas would drastically reduce how long it takes you to acquire a Ghana visa.

Do I Need a Visa for Ghana?

Yeah! You absolutely need a visa for Ghana, depending on where you are coming from.
Visa-exempt countries like ECOWAS nationals can freely enter Ghana without a visa. Aside from that, all foreigners need a visa in order to land in Ghana.


So what’s holding you back from visiting Ghana? So far, many foreigners have fallen in love with the sheer friendliness of this great African nation.

Provided you are coming from the right origin, with trusted travel documents, visa restrictions can’t be a barrier to your entry.

 Follow the right visa-on-arrival procedures above. Sooner or later, you will find yourself in this land of peace.

 If on the other hand, your country is visa-exempt, then you are always welcome to Ghana. 

One final thing to note: visa requirements may change with time. When in need, be sure to update yourself by contacting the consulates in your country.

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