How To Check your SSNIT Contribution Online: A Mini Guide!

How To Check Your Ssnit Contribution Online Large

Here is the quick guide (summary) on how to check your social security contributions online in Ghana:

  • First, you must apply for a portal identification number. Ask for it from SSNIT social security office Ghana, and it’ll be given to you.
  • The next step is, visit the SSNIT Ghana website to do the SSNIT portal login.
  • Third, ensure that your security credentials are rightly entered
  • Finally, proceed to check the contributions you have made to SSNIT from day one, and also — your benefits.

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How can I check my SSNIT contribution online?

Follow the detailed instructions below to check your SSNIT contributions online:

1. Requesting a SSNIT Portal Identification Number

If you don’t have a portal ID number, you can’t access your SSNIT account. So how do you get this number?  Once you enroll for the scheme, you’ll be assigned one. 

Get in touch with SSNIT on their telephone line 0302611622. They’re always ready to assist you with your portal ID as well as your password issues. This information can be sent to you through your mail.

2. Logging in to Your SSNIT Account

Go to and enter your details by clicking on the sign-in tab. For people who are already members of the scheme, their usernames aren’t different from their social security numbers. Your password should be available in your email.

4. Setting up the Security Credentials

 On the third step, you’re required to enter a brand-new password and confirm it. You’ll also have to answer some security questions.

5. Checking Your SSNIT Contributions Plus Benefits

This is the final but most important step of the whole SSNIT show. 

I know you can’t wait to check your balance to see how much you’re worth after your retirement.

Well, I have got some good news for you. Immediately you finish doing the SSNIT portal login, your contributions from month A to Z will be shown to you. 

Added to that, you’ll know exactly what benefits you’re qualified for. As shown above, there is nothing difficult about how to check your social security contributions online in Ghana.

The only unfortunate incident that can mar your SSNIT dreams is premature death.

May all the souls of SSNIT contributors who never lived long enough to enjoy their SSNIT benefits, rest in perfect peace — Amen! 

Fortunately, when SSNIT contributors die prematurely, their eligible surviving beneficiaries (or dependants) receive the lump sum.

All That You Need to Know about How SSNIT Ghana Operates

Whether yes or no, all workers are bound to hit the retirement age. 

Little drops of social security (SSNIT) contributions make a mighty retirement. Therefore, you should be eager to learn how to check your social security contributions online in Ghana.

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), offers the best end-of-service benefits for Ghanaian workers by deducting monthly contributions from their salaries. 

Who qualifies to receive SSNIT benefits? Before you can qualify to receive full pension benefits, the worker must be a sexagenarian (aged 60+ years). 

In addition to that, you must have been contributing to the pension scheme for at least 15 years (roughly 180 good months), and 20 years (about 240 months). This is in accordance with Acts 766 and PNDCL 247 respectively.

If it happens that you fail to meet the requirements for the Old Age Pension plan, your contributions are still safe. They’ll be paid back to you with interests, provided you are able to satisfy the conditions below:

  • You fall within the age bracket of 55–60 years.
  • Assuming your contributions aren’t up to the required 180 months, SSNIT still gives you a lump sum payment topped up with the interest accrued.

How to Apply for SSNIT Ghana Contribution Membership

The following are the procedures to follow in order to apply for SSNIT Ghana:

  1. Visit the closest SSNIT office you can think of. If I were you, I would visit the social security office near me. But don’t forget to go there with your biometric card. 
  2. The SSNIT officers will be very glad to welcome you to their scheme. They make money using your funds for investment. So they’ll eagerly present you with a pension form. Fill it correctly and hand it over to them.
  3. The next thing you want to do is to supply them with your bank account information. They’ll need this in order to take your contributions.
  4. On their part, SSNIT will then break down the details of how to collect your pension benefits.

SSNIT Contribution Calculation

Members of the SSNIT pension scheme can use pension calculators to calculate their SSNIT contributions. The number one factor for pension calculation is your age.

Some people like to deceive themselves that, “age is just a number”. Unfortunately, this is one of the funniest statements that I often hear. 

The fact is that age is not just a number; it’s a number which tells you how old you’re. 

If you can lie to people about your age, you can’t lie about age to your internal biological clock.

Aside from age, SSNIT also uses your 3-month best average salaries, and your pension rights to perform calculations concerning your social security benefits.

The pension right you earn is basically the rate associated with your monthly contributions.

If you contribute non-stop for 180 months, that comes with a percentage rate of 37.5%  as pension rights. 

Members whose contributions exceed 180 months gain extra yearly percentage rates 0.09375% or 1.125%.

Now here is the math on how to calculate your SSNIT contributions:

Simply multiply your 3-month best average salary by your pension rights.

In some cases, reduced pension benefits are paid to contributors who have hit 55-years-old. However, their minimum contribution years should be up to 15 years.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about SSNIT Ghana

How do I get the Ssnit portal?

It’s very easy to get the SSNIT portal ID. The fact is that your portal ID is automatically generated for you when you enroll or re-enroll for the scheme. 
If you visit the closest SSNIT branch, they’ll be more than willing to help you get your portal ID.

Another alternative solution is to simply pick up the phone and dial the SSNIT contact center. You can also visit the Biometric Terminal to seek your portal ID.

How do I pay my Ssnit?

At GTBank, you can pay your Ssnit contributions in Ghana by following the step below:

Make sure your payments are validated. You can validate Tier 1 and 2 employee contributions at the SSNIT branches or on the portal.

Your employer will be sent a sixteen-digit payment advice number
You can also use this same sixteen-digit payment advice number to process payment at any GT Bank in Ghana.

What is SSNIT reference number?

This is a temporary number that’s first assigned to you when you register for SSNIT. A month after registration, SSNIT will message you to come for your permanent social security number.



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