How to Get a Perfect Red Makeup Look

How to get a perfect red makeup look?  Red makeup looks perfect when you have the right application of the right red shade lipstick. To have a perfect red makeup look always, exfoliate your lips and then draw a perfect outline with exact shade lip liner. You should have a perfect blend of eyeshadows to compliment your red lips.

They say red lips never go wrong! I’m assuming you are here because you are having a hard time choosing the perfect red look for the upcoming birthday, anniversary or date night? Don’t worry we got you covered.

To help you make the center of attention on the nearest special occasion we have compiled all the necessary information that you will need to rock the look- make sure you read this article with full interest.

In this content you will learn about how to get authentic red lips, what products you will need to achieve the bold red look and lastly how to choose the perfect red color according to your skin tone?

Excited? Let’s go!

Wait a second! Before jumping towards the makeup looks it is essential that you guys first learn how to apply red lipstick accurately because once you are pro at applying, it is sure that you will ace the overall look.

Table of Contents

Quick Tutorial For Perfect Red Lips

Let’s unlock the stepwise sequence for red lippies.

Red lipstick is universally considered as the sign of grace, confidence, glamour, and boldness. It is extremely flattering and easy to carry once you learn the art of it. At some point in our life we all get stuck when playing with the red lippie.

To help you master the art of apply red lipstick we have rounded up a quick tutorial for you. Les get started.


The first step to achieve fuller and sophisticated look is chapped and exfoliated lips. Dry skin that grows on the outer layer of the lips seems to be a big turn off. It makes the overall look dull and uneasy. Make sure you exfoliate your lips after every 2 days. It is also advised to use a chapstick or lip balm everyday for healthier lips.

Step: 2

Once you have fully balm lips move to making the base of the lips. Concealer works great as a base on the lips. It give shine and desired glow to the lips giving a great platform to lip shade to show prominent pigment.

Step :3

Before you jump towards lipstick, first line your lips using a darker shade of lip pencil. Outline the lips first and then move to cover and top strokes.

Step :4 

Now it’s the time to fill the lips accordingly. The best way to apply lipstick is push, press and then roll the lipstick for amazing results. And VOILA! You have rich, saturated and glamorous lips in action.

6 Most Classic and Glamorous Red Makeup Looks

Fellas! You have your dress, shoes, and matching accessories sorted but are you still indecisive about the makeup look you may carry at the coming event? Don’t worry loves we got you covered!

Here I have explained 6 easiest yet hot red makeup looks with detailed products breakdown for your ease.

Sit back, read, and Stan the special occasion with the glamorous look.

Look 1 Cut Crease Liner With Red lipstick

First thing first, this look will make you the babe of the night instantly. Cut crease liner with dark red lippie is all you need to glam up the night.

This look is quite basic but does wonders when you carry it. For this look you mainly require prominent tip eyeliner, red lipstick, mascara, and foundation/concealer.

Starting with the eye makeup, this look is quite simple yet classic of all time. Begin this look with a concealer to even out the eye tone then apply a bronzy/brownish shade to your eye for some natural texture and warmth. 

Once done apply a cut crease eyeliner. Here we are using maybelline waterproof eyeliner that is perfect for all the cuts and curves needed in this style. Settle your eyes with the 2 batches of mascara. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara is highly recommended for this look as it gives the uplift and fuller look to the eye.

Now, use Maybelline foundation or concealer on the entire face or use concealer on the highpoints of the face for a lift. The final and most important step of this look is the bold red lipstick. For this look we recommend stunna lip paint longwear lipstick as it is matte, dark and glamorous that goes perfectly with this look.

Look 2 Subtle Glittery Eyes With Red Lipstick

Are you looking for something out of the box that you have never done before? Than this sparkle red makeup tutorial is a must read for you. To opt this look you will need eyeliner, Glitter eye plate, eyeshadow palette, Blusher, Bronzer, and Mascara/ falsies.

Let me tell you this beforehand, creating this look might be a bit tricky for newbies but once you master it, there is no going back y’all. 

Start with even toning your eye area and then introduce a natural (preferably brownish shade) to your eye crease. 

Next step is to use a darker shade from eyeshadow palette on the outer corners of your eye. Blend, blend, and blend until its gives off its pigment perfectly.

Then to pop out the look more authentically use a glittery shade from your favorite palette (preferably pink and silver) blend it with some colour coordinating colour as well as to give more and more sparkly look. 

Now it’s the time for winged eyeliner and mascara. If you want to all out for full glam you can also use fake eyelashes. As falsies give prominent and more glamorous look. Once done use a highlight colour from the palette and apply it with a small brush on the inner corner of the eye. 

And WOLLA! Eye makeup is done

Now for the face, start by using your favourite full coverage foundation then use loose powder and dab, dab and dab it all! Use your favourite blush and complete this look with a glossy red lip shade. 

Your full glam sparkly red lippie look is ready!

Feel the look and carry it with confidence.

Look 3 Bright colored eye with dark red lippie

Sorry to break the bubble of myth but let me tell you this straight, red lips go great with bright colours. 

A lot of people still carry lipstick when they are opting for naked or neutral eye look only but the makeup artists has overruled this myth for a while now.

To create this look you will only need an eyeshadow palette, mascara, and a matte red lipstick.

For this bold look, start with eyes: select your favourite neon colour from the palette and with the help of a flat brush apply it to the eye evenly. Blend it until it gives off its pigment perfectly. Then take a darker brown shade and with light hand apply it on the crease to give the eye a warmth.

Now apply cat-eye style eyeliner and set it with mascara for more catchy look. Use Charlotte tilbury lipstick for dreamy and Hollywood styled look.   

Look 4 Gold Glittery Eyes and Red Lips

Gold glittery eyes and red lipped finish has to be your look for the coming date night. Why? Because makeup artists say things never go wrong when with a light Smokey plus glittery eye and red lips go together.

Creating this look might be a hectic task if you are new to full glam makeup world but it gets easy with practice so I suggest before winning your date night become a pro of this look. Start by creating Smokey eyes but keep your colour choice on a brownish side rather than black. 

Once the outer concerns are filled, take sparkly golden shade from the palate and with the help of a fluffy brush dab it to the inner corner and centre of the eye.

Finish this look with red lip shade, we suggest Armani beauty lip power lipstick as it’s creamy and glossy texture will last longer and no touch-ups will be needed. WHAT A CLASSIC!

Look 5 long Eyelashes And Bold Red Lips

Long eyelashes and dark red lips are best friend! They go hand in hand and create a classic, Hollywood look that we all need for Saturday night parties.

 To create this look you simply need your favourite collection of falsies and a red lippie.

To ace this look to a greater extent, use a glitter shade (silver, white, baby pink) on the inner corner of the eye to make the overall look pop and eyes wide and broad. 

This look is a timeless piece that has been everyone’s desired look for years now. 

Good luck achieving it!

Look 6 Brown and Red- Best Friends 

The last look that we will discuss today is brown eyeliner with the hint of red lipstick. Sometimes black eyeliner is too boring to carry and nothing feels like glam. To achieve a sophisticated yet glamorous look switch to brown winged eyeliner.

To create this look start by applying a winged brown eyeliner to your eye, you can also go for 2 layers or cut crease style eyeliner in this look. Every wing works great when carried with red lips. If don’t have brown eyeliner available don’t worry we have a quick fix for you.

Take your favourite eyeshadow palette and use the darkest brown shade that you can locate and apply it with damp liner brush. 

TADDA!! You have a perfect and stylish brown eyeliner in no time.  

Are you ready to rock the world?

How To Choose The Perfect Red Shade For Your Skin Tone?

Fellas! I understand we all come to this point where choosing the right lip shade might become a big task for us. 

To help you in this matter we have discussed how to choose the perfect red lip shade according to your skin tone. Hope you find it easy and fun. Let’s go!

Cool tone

Choosing the perfect red for someone who have cool tone is quite easy. Always apply a light stroke of lipstick as a patch test on you wrist and see if it gives off pinkish-red color, if yes, then this is your color.


Warm tone

If you have warm skin tone and always struggle with the lippies that wash out then go for fire engine or orangey red shade. It looks flawless and doesn’t pale out.


Neutral tones

If you ask me people with neutral tones are the most blessed ones. They can always switch their collection between cool to dark tones because they have a complex that suits everything.

Our top pick for people with neutral tones is STUNNA LIP PAIT LONG WEAR

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best combination color with red?

Although nude colors go great with red lipstick but makeup artists now say that every color ranging from neon to monochrome go perfect in combination with red.

How to wear red lipstick perfectly?

There no rocket science involved in wearing lipstick perfectly. All you have to do is use a lip balm to get rid of chapped lips. To avoid uneven application it is advised to first use a lip liner to make outline around the lips and then fill in. This is how you can get bold and gorgeous lips in no time.

Which color is preferred with red lipstick?

Every color looks great when paired with red lippie but neutral colors do wonders when worn with red lipstick. They give a sophisticated yet glamorous look of all time.

Now it’s your turn?

They say let the red stand alone!

You have found your perfect red shade. Go on, wear it and enjoy how flawless it makes you feel. Don’t forget to tell us your stories of confidence and grace. 

Much love!

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