Invitation Letter for a Friend to Visit USA with Samples!

Many people long to get American visas so that they could fly into the States and say, “yes, I made it”.

The question is, how do you write an invitation letter for a friend to visit the USA sample?

First of all, invitation letters are written by US-based permanent citizens. They do this to officially invite their friends and family members to visit them in America.

As simple as it seems, a US invitation letter is just a formality. It doesn’t always guarantee an American visa for the foreign visitor.

There are so many reasons why American immigration authorities are very careful about who crosses their borders.

The bottom line is that some people go to America with ill intentions. Once they get there and see the somewhat good life, they change their minds about going back home.

Therefore, why do you think the US Department of State would always trust every foreigner with an American visa?

Well, you may have your own genuine reasons for wanting to visit America.

It could be that you want to take a selfie near the White House and upload it to your Instagram account.

It could also be that you want to just visit your family members in America. If on the other hand, an American company is interested in you, then thank your stars.

Whatever the case may be, rest assured. This article will help you to draft a powerful invitation letter sample for a friend to visit the USA.

Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa to Family in the USA

It’s easier to enter the United States if you have strong social connections over there. True or False? Yes, it may be true.

Your social ties could be close to family members, friends, and other influential figures.  US laws require that foreigners on visiting trips to the States must show proof of their official invitations.

If you are visiting your family member in the USA, then he/she is supposed to write the invitation letter to you.

There are important statements that must be made in this letter.

The following are some requirements for the invitation letter for a friend to visit usa sample.

The sponsor should be a permanent American citizen.

Holders of the US Green Card also qualify to draft invitation letters.

Proof of financial capability to sponsor the visitor’s in-and-out expenses.

The immigration officers want to be sure that the so-called American sponsor, has the economic resources to give the visitor a great experience.

This means that they must show proof of housing facilities (accommodation) for the visitor

Trips arrangements for the visitor.

Sponsors must clearly show details of planned trips and his readiness to sponsor all travel expenses.

This is the coolest part about going on an American tour backed by an invitation letter. You don’t have to worry so much about expenses. Basically, the host promises to take care of all bills.

Address of sponsor in the United States.

Include your actual US location in the letter. In case anything goes wrong, immigration officers come for you.

Relationship between visitor and host.

This information is important as well. Is the visitor your girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, husband, wife, or sister? Let them know what the hell is going on between the two of you.

Duration of stay in the US.

It’s very important to state the expected return date of your visitor.  The US consulates need to be convinced that your visitor is coming in peace, to stay shortly; not to come and disappear into thin air.

The invitation letter for a friend to visit the USA sample should not be a cock and bull story.

Sample Invitation Letter for US Visa

Now, let’s assume that the American sponsor has satisfied the terms and conditions of the invitation letter for a friend to visit the USA.

The next issue is piecing together vital points to convey your message.

A poorly written invitation letter (which lacks substance) is only going to be good at one thing. That’s, it will jeopardize the visa application of the inbound visitor.

In short, if you turn in the garbage to your friend seeking a visa, then you are making the US consulates’ work easier — they will simply turn down your friends’ Visa application.

That’ll be a bad experience for both of you.

All over the world (including Ghana), US travelers ask one question: How do I write an invitation letter for visas?

Here is the format about how you should write this US visa invitation letter.

[Name of the Sponsor or Host]

[Address of the Sponsor or Host]

[Sponsor’s Phone Number]

[Sponsor’s Email Address]

[Date on Which Letter is Written]


[Visitor’s Full Name]

[Full Address of Visitor]

[Dear Visitor]

Hello Big Joe! It has been ages since we last met in Ghana for Christmas. Thankfully, another tourist season is here with us in the United States. The good news is, I’m on vacation.

On this note, I warmly invite you to come and be a part of our trip to exciting tourists centers in New York City.

We shall be visiting the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Time Square, and what have you. Knowing how much you love heights; we have made plans in advance to tour the Empire State Building; it’s one of the towering iconic structures in New York.

I can assure you — this trip is going to be lit.

I have already had conversations with you about the beautiful cultures in New York. Now, the time has come for you to come and explore American tourists’ sites for yourself.

There is nothing to hold you back, except for a visa. As a good friend who is financially stable, I would bear all the costs of your flight tickets, give you a comfortable place to stay, and also take care of all your expenses.

Since I shall resume my official duties in two weeks’ time, you would have a full week to spend a great time with us before flying back to Ghana.

Attached below are documents you would need to get a B2 Tourist Visa from the US Embassy in Ghana.


…[Sponsor’s Signature]…

[Sponsor’s Name]

After writing the sample invitation letter for a visitor’s visa for parents to the consulate, you can also write another sample invitation letter for a visitor visa for sister USA.

These letters should be sent to the visitor you are inviting. He/she would have to attach the invitation letter when going through the US visa application processes.


There’s no immediate guarantee that the  US consulates would grant your visitor a visa.

But at least, the sample invitation letter for visitor visa for parents to the consulate, adds an authentic voice to the application.

More FAQs and Answers About Visa Invitation Letters

How can I invite my sister to the USA?

You can invite your sister to the USA by writing a sample invitation letter for a visitor visa to the USA. After writing the letter, send it to your sister and let her use it to facilitate the processing of her visa application to the United States.

How do you write a party invitation letter?

You can write a party invitation letter by following the instructions below.

Ensure that you have well-informed ideas about the party.
Write your points clearly
Address the letter to the right recipient
Check for grammar accuracy and misspellings
State the main reason for the invitation letter
Use casual language to convince the person to attend your party.

How do I invite a family member to the USA?

You can invite a family member to the USA by writing a sample invitation letter for a tourist visa for your family in the USA. Use the sample invitation letter above as a reference.

Do I need invitation letter for US tourist visa?

An invitation is not required and cannot guarantee visa issuance. In fact, there are no required documents for tourist/business visa applications. Visa applicants must qualify for the visa according to their own circumstances, not on the basis of a sponsor’s assurance.


In summary, writing an invitation letter for a friend to visit the USA sample, is easy peasy. Isn’t it?

Some people make things difficult for themselves, by trying to write invitation letters as if they are lawyers.

Of course, you could use a respectful tone in the letter, but don’t make it too formal. Remember, you’re not writing a job application letter.

That said, I hope you now know how to write an invitation letter for a friend to visit USA sample.

Goodbye and Good Luck!

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