Invitation Letter for US Visa for Parents: All You Need to Know!

Parents are irreplaceable assets in our lives. If you are in America reading this article today, there is a 100% probability that you have a lovely mom and dad. 

The best surprise gift a successful American man can ever give to his parents is — an invitation letter for a US visa for parents.

Permanent US citizens can extend invitations to their parents to visit them in America. The US sponsor may write one invitation letter for the visa applicant and another official letter to the US Consulate.

Mind you, the invitation letter isn’t a visa guarantee. The applicant’s visa eligibility will also be determined by his ability to meet other requirements such as proof of subsistence and how well they’ll use the visa.

When you show love to your parents by surprising them with an invitation letter for a US visa, they could never be prouder of you.

Unsure of how to invite them to America? Find the answers below in this article.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Parents to Consulate

US laws permit lawful American citizens to invite their parents to come over to the US for a short visit. 

By writing your parents an invitation letter, you are easing their opportunity to claim US visas. 

What could be more exciting than a brief reunion with Mommy and Daddy? They would love it.

Even though it’s not necessarily a requirement, your letter would add authenticity to your parents’ quests for visas.

If you choose to do it the wrong way, then that’s your own cup of coffee. 

Here we go with the sample invitation letter.

Mr. And Mrs. Peter Nelson 

L1 Lane, Block 17 

Accra, Ghana

Subject: Invitation Letter for US Visa for Parents.

Dear Mom and Daddy,

Considering how much I miss you,  I kindly invite both of you to come and visit me in the USA for two weeks. I have always wanted us to meet again, and relive those wonderful times together. 

Finally, I’m so happy to be doing this. In the past few months, my busy schedules robbed of me time to invite you. 

Now that I’m happily married to a beautiful American wife, Linda Hawkins — everything is turning around positively in my life. I must admit she is very excited to hear that you would be coming over soon.

As part of the mega surprises we have planned in advance for you, a trip around the beautiful tourist centers in New York will make you love America. 

You do not need to worry about expenses. I earn a pretty decent income as a journalist here. Be assured that I have got everything under control. Your meals, housing, and travel expenses will all be sorted out by your proud son. 

Have a safe flight. I can’t wait to see you!

Yours faithfully,

…. Signed………..

Robert Nelson

(Your son)

5th Avenue, NYC, USA.

Contact: 001…….50

The format above should guide you to draft a beautiful invitation letter to simplify things for your parents’ visa application.

Assuming you want to make it a little more official, you could fill the Affidavit of Support Form (I-134) from the US Immigration Service.

Filling the “I-134 Form” is important when you want to assure US Immigration authorities that, you would be providing financial assistance to your parents when they come to the US.

Filling the  Affidavit form and sending an invitation letter, will make it virtually impossible for US consulates to refuse your parent’s visas.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa for Parents to Consulate

After writing the invitation letter and addressing it to your parents, it’s advisable to write a separate letter addressed to the US Consulates in your parents’ country.

The letter to Consulate must contain a reasonable reason for your parents’ visit. Add important documents to the letter for them to confirm your legal residence in the USA and your financial background.

If you are unable to prove that you have sufficient funds to support your parents’ trip, Consular officers would simply deny your parents visas.

How can I write an invitation letter for a US visa?

The answer is right below your screen.


[US Consular Officer’s Full Name]

[Consulate’s Name]

[Consulate’s Address]

[Dear Consulate Officer]

Subject: Tourist Visa for My Parents

My name is Robert Nelson; a permanent American citizen based in Downtown Seattle. I’m a Physics professor at the University of Washington.

By this letter, I kindly request you to grant my Ghanaian parents tourists’ visas. In early March 2020, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson would be visiting me here in my Seattle apartment for a two-week tour of the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are my biological parents. I would want them to enjoy their short stay in the US. Accordingly, I shall be taking care of their accommodation bills, meals, travel expenses, and all expenditures.  

As successful entrepreneurs in Ghana, they have a keen interest to learn more about the business cultures in Seattle.

In the attachment below, you would find details of my passport, birth certificate, financial statements and other documents to help in processing their visas.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

…. Signed……..

Robert Nelson

House 2, Clyde Hill, Seattle

Contact: +154…….99

The above invitation letter samples for US visa for parents must be sent to your parents— either by posting or through online medium.

Some parents may not remember to carry these essential documents for their visa interviews.

Therefore, it’s your duty as the American sponsor, to remind your parents about how the letters matter to both of you.

How to Get an Invitation Letter from the USA

If you are a proud parent who has a son or daughter abroad in the United States of America, you can get an invitation letter from the USA by asking your son or daughter to write one for you. 

There’s one ugly reason why some parents don’t usually press their sons for invitation letters; some workers live from hand to mouth in America.

But if you are a rich parent, then go ahead and fund the trip yourself.

A mother-in-law can also request her son-in-law to write a sample invitation letter for mother in law to visit the USA.

The same is true for a sample invitation letter for a visitor visa for your sister.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I invite my parents to the USA?

If you have genuine reasons for wanting to invite your parents to the USA, then you have to write the tourist visa invitation letters (as shown above), and send them to your parents.

Provided you prove yourself a lawful and financially capable US citizen, your parents can come and visit you in the US if they pass their visa interviews.

Is an invitation letter required for a US visa?

Truth be spoken, invitation letters are not always required for US Visas. But if you have one, it will go a long way to help your visitor to get an American visa at the US Embassy.

What documents are needed for an invitation to the USA?

The US sponsors inviting foreign visitors need to attach:

Tax returns
US passport 
Birth certificate
Banks statements
Employment letter
Citizenship certificate
Green Card copy (if any)
Copies of your H1/L1 visas
Affidavit of Support Form I-134.
Approval forms for I-797 and I-94


It turns out that, writing an invitation letter for a US visa for parents, is very far from rocket science. Isn’t it?

The next time your mom or dad calls you from any part of the world, surprise them with a US invitation.

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