Is Ghana Safe for Tourists? All your Most Pressing Questions Answered!

Judging from her relatively low crime rates, we can say that Ghana is quite safe for tourists— without being too wrong. This democratically stable West African country, just celebrated its 63rd Independence Day on March 6, 2020.

Known for their unmatched peacefulness and cordiality, Ghanaians live by their national motto “Freedom and Justice”. The citizens love life; bloody wars are not common in Ghana.

This is one of the many reasons why Ghana takes the lead as the safest travel destination in Africa.

But how far can tourists trust Ghana as a haven? Read along as we explore the facts about Ghana’s level of safety.

Is Ghana Safe 2020?

Yes. Ghana has been safe for tourists since time immemorial, including the year 2018 and 2019. It appears Ghanaians have been abundantly blessed with all the good luck in the world.

Ghana isn’t only free of crime; it’s also somehow free of infectious diseases.

In 2014, when the Ebola virus disease broke out and swept across Africa, killing people in masses, Ghana was left untouched. Up to today, not even a single confirmed case of Ebola has been reported in Ghana. Meanwhile, Nigeria had a fair share of the Ebola epidemic.

Just a few days ago, the Coronavirus from China extended its infections to African countries like Egypt, Nigeria, and Togo. Once again, Ghana hasn’t confirmed any case of COVID-19 (as of March 7, 2020).

This is good news for tourists who are looking forward to visiting Ghana in 2020. But how long will the Good Lord continue to cover Ghana with his precious blood?

“The earlier the better” is the best advice I can give to tourists who want to visit Ghana in 2020.

Moving forward, one can only hope that Ghanaians are not sitting on a time bomb.

The government assured the citizens that containment measures have put in place in readiness for COVID-19. But looking at the facts on the ground, Ghana Health Service lacks modern medical facilities to battle with an ugly monster like Coronavirus.

The bottom line is, Ghana is safe for tourists in 2020.

Is Ghana Safe for Volunteers?

Yes. Ghana is safe for volunteers who are security-conscious. Remember, security always begins with you, the foreign volunteer. Even though the Ghana Police departments try their best to protect volunteers, they cannot patrol your every move.

If volunteers move about carelessly Ghana during late hours, there’s no guarantee that Ghana is safe for them.

I’m about to share a touching real-life story about the safety of volunteers in Ghana. Read with rapt attention.

In early June 2019, two young Canadian volunteers from Youth Challenge International were whisked away by gun-wielding kidnappers in Kumasi, Ghana.

The kidnappers shoved the young ladies (Lauren Tilley and Bailey Chitty) into a car and sped off to their hideout. This kidnapping happened around evening time, right in front of the apartment occupied by the volunteers.

After about a week later, the Ghana Police Service gathered intelligence from CCTV footage of the event. This allowed the rescue team to track down the kidnappers and rescue the volunteers.

Wonderful, isn’t it? Kudos to the Ghana police service for making Ghana safe for volunteers.

Kidnapping for ransom has never been a social canker in Ghana, until recent twists of events. Many people are of the view Nigerians are deeply connected with the recent spate of kidnappings in Ghana.

Did the above true kidnapping story send shivers down your spine? Well, as I said — there’s no reason to worry if you’re careful about your movements in Ghana. Those girls probably risked their lives by moving out at odd hours.

Despite the few unfortunate incidents that threaten the image of Ghana, the region is still the number 1 safety zone for tourists.

Ghana Dangers

Apart from the rare kidnappings, are there other Ghana dangers foreigners should know? That’s for sure! Religious bodies are astronomical in Ghana, but once a while Ghana’s crime rate takes the country to the cleaners.

Here are the common sources of dangers in Ghana:

  • Pickpockets (in crowded cities)
  • Transport risks (road accidents are common in Ghana)
  • Scammers (be careful with your credit cards, and confidence tricksters)
  • Armed robbers (sometimes carry attacks on the highways, at night)
  • Natural disasters (seasonal floods)
  • Kidnapping (fairly uncommon)

The most annoying part of the Accra Ghana dangers issues is their connection with aliens. Illegal citizens from other neighboring countries (such as Nigeria and Togo) constitute the crime syndicates that rock the nation.

At other times, pure Ghanaian criminals also contribute to the Ghana dangers as well. Tourists should not trust strange Ghanaians who promise them favors; you could be scammed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ghana safe for Indian?

All foreigners receive the same level of safety in Accra,  the Ghana capital. Therefore, Ghana is safe to Indians as long as they conduct themselves well.

I can remember somewhere in 2019, one Indian man fell into the hands of Kumasi-based kidnappers. Thanks to the swift rescue efforts made by the Ghana Police, the Indian national was found and set free. Aside from that incident, Ghana is still safe for Indians.

Is Ghana safe to work?

Comparatively, it’s safer to work in Ghana than in other places in Africa. The rule of thumb is, be alert with your surroundings.

Even though Ghana has been safe for quite long, criminal activities sometimes occur in the country’s big cities like Kumasi and Accra. These crimes could range from pickpocketing, robbery, fraud, bag snatching to even kidnapping.

Is Accra safe to visit?

As Ghana’s administrative city, Accra is safe to visit. The safety of foreigners in Accra depends on their common sense. But once you play it safe, “is Ghana safe” is out of the question.

If you flaunt your cash or travel late at night, your security hangs in the balance. Even in broad daylight, foreigners who aren’t vigilant risk losing their possessions (e.g mobile phones and handbags) to snatchers.

When you’re in Ghana, you may even want to visit Togo Africa in the East.

Is it safe to travel to Ghana alone?

Yes, of course, it’s safe to travel to Ghana alone. But you will be much safer during the day than in night. On rare occasions, some foreigners have been targeted by ransom kidnappers in Ghana.

Make sure you study your environment as you move around. The Ghana police cannot always be there for you when you travel to remote locations.

Be advised accordingly. But for the most part, your visit should go on smoothly

How much money do you need to leave Ghana?

Information from the US Department of State says that due to currency restrictions, you need to have a maximum of $5000 to leave Ghana, or enter Ghana.

Ghana uses the Ghana cedi (GHS) as her official currency. The exchange rate is $1 ≈ GHS 5.34. Due to credit card fraud cases in Ghana, some foreigners may not want to use their credit cards in Ghana.

Whatever your decision is, make sure you have enough cash to pay for the cost of living in Ghana.

What vaccinations do I need to go to Ghana?

These are the vaccinations you need to go to Ghana:

Yellow Fever Vaccination:  Due to high risks of yellow fever transmissions, it’s compulsory for all visitors to Ghana to have certificates for this vaccination.

It may also be better of you to get vaccinations for:
Hepatitis (A & B)

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