Is Ghana Safe for Volunteers? Here is why!

Is Ghana Safe for Volunteers

Yes. It’s true that Ghana is a safe country for volunteers and other tourists from abroad. Nevertheless, coordinators of volunteer programs should prioritize the security of their personnel, at all times.

It’s the duty of coordinators to put measures in place to guarantee the comfort and safety of volunteers. The relatively low crime rate makes Ghana a safer destination than other places.

Ghana map can be located on the lower section of the western arm of the African map. As of 2020, the country still enjoys positive reviews from many foreign visitors.

Does that surprise you?

Here is a close look at whether “Ghana is safe for volunteers?”.

Is it safe to volunteer in Africa?

Mother Africa is one of the amazing places you can ever visit as a foreign volunteer. But that’s not all, the continent is actually safer than you think.

In other times, dramatic events may present an intimidating picture of Africa. But if you look beyond an unfairly stereotyped Africa, foreigners will appreciate the beauty and cultural diversity of the continent.

Plagued by the slave trade in the colonial era, Africa has gone through thick and thin throughout her evolutionary cycle.

Today, it’s a strong region that’s soaring high and competing with the rest of the world for the best life for its citizens.

It turns out Africa isn’t that dangerous as you may have been deceived to believe. Yes, the African weather (characterized by the scorching sun) may be very unfriendly to foreigners  (at times). But that doesn’t make it a no-go area for volunteers.

Common Sources of Fears about Africa

One major source of misconception about Africa is the news outlets. Because of their zeal to make profits from ugly headlines, the hungry media would do anything to print untruthful stories about Africa.

Gazing through a one-sided spectacle, the media channels focus on the challenges that confront the African people. This way, the rest of the world only gets to hear of the “poverty-stricken” tag that’s placed on Africans.

The negative reportage breeds tons of lies which multiply throughout the globe. Unfortunately, this is always far from the actual realities on the ground.

The African landmass is the home of some 54 countries with diverse political and socio-economic histories. No two African countries are exactly the same. The safety and security matters of the countries also differ accordingly.

If you’re thinking about visiting Africa as a volunteer, you can’t use the conditions in one country to judge another. Always analyze the situations in a specific country you’re visiting. That way, you won’t be laughing at the wrong side of your mouth when you finally get there.

But you don’t need to fret about your visit to Africa. Provided you’re going to a safe country like Ghana, there is no cause for alarm. You will return to your home country alive.

If you’re asking whether is Ghana safe for volunteers, I’ll surprise you with one statistical truth.

According to reports from the UN, Ghana records only two homicide cases per hundred thousand people. This is very low when compared to the Bahamas where 28 homicide cases occur out of 100k people.

Volunteering Experience in Africa

Volunteers in Africa often work hand in hand with big organizations such as the United Nations. Their mission centres on meeting sustainable development goals (also known as the SDGs).

The safety of volunteers in African countries like Ghana is paramount to the government. Because their good works positively impact the youth, foreign volunteers in Ghana receive the necessary security provisions.

For the most part, volunteer abroad programs go on smoothly in Ghana, except on rare occasions where things don’t go s planned.

Depending on the project you’d be working on, your volunteer experience in Ghana can be so great to an extent that you’d welcome an opportunity to be a Ghanaian.

Once the locals in the community understand that you’re a volunteer, you would be treated with kind gestures, hospitality and the loving-kindness you deserve.

However, whether your program is about promoting gender equality, or education, there are minor glitches to be faced.

Some locations in Ghana are remote. Get ready to face harsh weather conditions, mosquito bites, periodic power outages, etc.

How can I volunteer in Ghana?

The following are some volunteer opportunities that you can join in Ghana.

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

This volunteer organization has been operating in Ghana for over 5 decades now. VSO volunteering offers agricultural aid as well as teaching services for the betterment of Ghanaian students.

The organization recruits young volunteers from Ghana and the international community. This could be a good fit for you if you’re passionate about changing young lives.

Humanitarian Aid Foundation

Some communities in Ghana are underprivileged. Humanitarian Aid Foundation addresses pertinent issues that face these deprived communities. If you link up with this organization, you can be a part of volunteers working on education, agriculture, orphanage, health and other life-changing duties.

Green Ghana Volunteers

Every organization has its vision. Volunteers from Green Ghana work towards building a sustainable environment for Ghana. They do this by advocating for tree planting and land regeneration.

International Volunteer HQ

This is one of the big volunteer programs you can join to make an impact on Ghanaian rural areas. International Volunteer HQ cut across education, health, and construction. Volunteers receive enormous support for the successful execution of their projects.

Other volunteer organizations in Ghana are:

  • Premier Volunteers of Ghana
  • Unite For Sight
  • Agape Volunteers
  • Volunteer Projects West Africa (VPWA)

Is Accra safe for Expats?

Many a time, Accra Ghana is very safe for expats. The fact is that there are several expatriates who are having a good time in Accra Ghana. This tells you the city is safer than other places.

There are even international educational centres that take care of expat children. Once you’re cautious about your movements, you should be safe in Accra as an expat.

Make use of common-sense security tips. Desist from trying to show off your wealth; you’re only tempting criminals to pounce on you.

If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in a university campus as an expat lecturer, your security becomes better.

Is Ghana safe?

Yes. Comparatively, Ghana is safer than most countries in Africa, Europe, and America. Due to her lower levels of crimes coupled with her strong democratic principles, Ghana is regarded as a semi-heaven for visitors.

That said, if you’re planning to explore the Ghana map for volunteering work, you may want to take safety measures even before your arrival.

Talk to your doctors about your trip. They may give you health precautions to make your trip healthy. A vaccination certificate for yellow is a must for entry to Ghana. When necessary, get medical insurance for your trip.

US volunteers to Ghana should register their trip with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). This freely available program gives quick alerts about security matters in the country of destination and tips to stay safe.

Be mindful of unhygienic food and water.

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Due to Ghana’s lower levels of crimes coupled with her strong democratic principles, Ghana is regarded as a semi-heaven for volunteers.

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