It’s My Kitchen Restaurant: Is it the Best Restaurant in Kumasi?

It’s My Kitchen restaurant is your kitchen if you’re away from home.

A stalwart of the “old guard” classic Kumasi restaurant is here to stay.

The reliable It’s My Kitchen restaurant, across the street from the Baba Yara Stadium, have been growing by leaps and bounds.

They serve irresistible local, continental and Chinese cuisines.

The award-winning restaurant has been around for several years now. And it has evolved into a mini-empire. Composed of the grand restaurant, the casual upper terrace for occasions, a Fast Food Joint, and a cocktail bar among others.

It is the favourite hangout for people who’re in the city for the first time.

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About It’s My Kitchen restaurant


It’s My Kitchen restaurant
207 Hudson Rd, Kumasi, Ghana
Tel: 0265 70 70 70

Opening Hours

Open Monday through Friday, Morning to 10:30 pm, weekends Morning to 11:00 pm.

A reputable local business with class.

Having garnered a lot of experience in the food and tourism industry, the restaurant has really served the people of Kumasi well.

They’ve received numerous awards as the best and friendliest restaurant in Kumasi. It’s My Kitchen is known for its simplicity, serenity and consistency.

Well-known for its Chinese recipes too.


With the Baba Yara stadium only a stone throw away, how can this restaurant disappoint.

Around the stadium traffic light to be precise. The Methodist Church on its left and opposite the stadium car park as you cross the road.

It’s My Kitchen restaurant is a well-known eatery that sits at the heart of Amakom, a lively town in Kumasi.

Sandwiched between Asokwa and Asafo, Amakom and its environs are home to a number of popular eateries.

Like any other great food joint, it’s easy getting overcrowded during occasions, especially with families coming around. It’s massive on seasonal occasions like Christmas.

The Ambience

As soon as you walk into this restaurant, you get a great sense of relaxation.

The atmosphere and decorations make guests feel like they are before a King’s banquet – full of pomp and pageantry with a modern twist of colour.

The décor includes very vivid imagery from modern western-inspired restaurants. The painting is complemented by the dim orange lighting.

Again, the restaurant is wrapped in ridged tin wallpaper that waves in and out and with every wave, it also reflects the lighting off the walls of the exterior.

The restaurant offers a casual touch for which people feel more sedated and comfortable as they engage in conversation while eating great food which is always a dynamic duo of events.

The beautiful surroundings show how far this place has come.

It’s My Kitchen restaurant is overall very well maintained and clean.

It’s My Kitchen Setting

As you enter the restaurant you are welcomed by a magnificent setting, a delightful marriage of orange and white colours as well as a modern lighting system.

At table, you have a wonderful view of the whole restaurant, beautiful and serene.

those who have booked a table and are waiting, there are television screens mounted at vantage points to keep you calm as you wait.

Inasmuch as your safety and security are assured, finding your way out is easy.

It’s My Kitchen is located in an open area with easy transportation to almost anywhere.

It is surrounded by a chain of many other fine dining restaurants, but none as grounded as the good ol’ It’s My Kitchen.

On the outside of the restaurant at first glance, it reminds you of a Parisian restaurant.

The Food

All the products were fresh and the dishes had the warmth of homemade food.

The chefs take great care in selecting the best quality ingredients.

The restaurant also caters for all tastes by providing a large selection of the best wines for the occasion, which may be pricey but worth sampling.

It’s My Kitchen Menu

It’s My Kitchen has a variety of local and continental dishes.

You can find delicious soups, Burgers, Pizzas, Desserts, assorted appetizers, etc.

Although their menu seems to be very simple, it’s the simplicity that catches the eye.

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters.

There’s even a dedicated area for your favourite local delicacies. Specially made for you which is thrilling. Everything seemed planned here.

The Service

I should add that the servers are always absolutely wonderful; thoughtful, attentive, and friendly.


  • Clean
  • Welcoming
  • Safe and secure
  • Moderate prices
  • Sumptuous meals
  • Professional setup


  • Special orders can take some time.
  • I prefer to see the chefs working in the kitchen.


Do they do deliveries?

Of course, It’ My Kitchen will deliver your food to you with no hassle.

What makes the restaurant unique?

It’s My Kitchen is unique for its simplicity, attention to detail and class.

Caters to families?

Yes, you can either book a table or come in as a family. The restaurant is group friendly with dedicated places for large gatherings. Also toddler and kids friendly.


Despite the high price of the food and the not so attentive waiters´ service, I had a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours. For this reason, I highly recommend going to the Open House restaurant.

It’s My Kitchen Restaurant Reviews

Here are a few reviews pulled from Google about customers experience with It’s My Kitchen restaurant:

Sam says,
“The place is superb everything is on point lovely and tasty foods warm reception neat place good for a night’s out. This place also has affordable prices trust me it is affordable by all.”

Abena said,
“It’s really nice to be there for the first time and the restaurant got it all, everything is wonderful and superb.”

“They need to work on their customer care. They never approach until you call for their attention several times.”

YAW says,
“The open space at the outside lounge allows customers to enjoy the fresh air whilst enjoying their sumptuous meal. Their Gizzard with pineapple juice blended with ginger tastes heavenly.”

“Moderate dishes at a moderate price. Well air-conditioned, kind service.”

Janet says,
“Great local food, nice ambience, good value for money.”

Andani said,
“Great food. Very rich in dietary proportions. Mixed fruits juice really awesome.”

“Food is okay but customer service is worse.”

“I love their natural fruit juices and they have nice meals too.”

Zygote mentioned,
“Their pineapple ginger juice.’

“Is a very nice place they have good facilities and their foods are very nice, good customer care.”


It’s My Kitchen restaurant, I must say their main goal is to keep their customers happy and make them want to come back.

The customers seem to enjoy the enthusiasm that Its My Kitchen portrays within the eating environment, service, and amazing food.

You may have to try their Banku and tilapia on Thursdays.

It’s My Kitchen restaurant
207 Hudson Rd, Kumasi, Ghana
Tel: 0265 70 70 70

Open Monday through Friday, Morning to 10:30 pm, weekends Morning to 11:00 pm.

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