Jofel Catering Services is Aging Like Fine Wine! Why?

Jofel Catering Service is just like home. They’ve aged like wine.

If indigenous food is your thing, then Jofel is your home.

It’s no mistake they’ve been around for a long time. They know the terrain.

Suitable for groups, events and meetups.

About Jofel Catering Service

Jofel has good Ghanaian food. It’s the main reason why they have loyal customers who go there over and over again to eat good local food.

Again, when the Footballing season is buzzing, pass through Jofel Catering Service. You’ll not only enjoy good food – but you’ll also enjoy a projected telecast of live matches.

Jofel Catering Services is a reputable restaurant for both continental and local/ African dishes in Kumasi. Most people love them for their special Omotuo and Tuozaafi (TZ) services on Saturdays and Sundays in their garden.


It’s the closest restaurant to the Kumasi International Airport – sigh.

Look no further if you just drop down from your trip from wherever.

Now you can find Jofel Catering Services in the Eastern Region of Ghana, along the Kumasi-Accra road. Along the way right after Anyinam.

To passersby and visitors alike, they have several quick and take away meals to choose from.

Most of the transport services plying this busy road stop by and have a quick rest, food, etc. They also have a VIP restaurant for your relaxation and meals at your leisure.


A good place to stop over while en route to the Airport.

Is a nice place to hang out with friends and loved ones. There a spacious place for your events such as weddings, conference, birthday party, and many more.

They also have a restaurant that sells all kind of dishes and a bar that sells all kinds of drinks
It’s located just at the Kumasi airport roundabout.


If eating out at Jofel is just like eating at home, then I believe the overall service must be close to excellent.

Of course, you won’t expect the extraordinary service you get at home but…

Many reviewers and customers of Jofel have one or two reasons to complain.

Waiter and waitress ‘Wahala’

Long wait time etc..

Yes, some workers at these outfits are green. We know. But some complains are just unwarranted. Human nature at work.

If you want a local dish – know that this can take some time. It’s not instant.

And people should refrain from telling workers what to do. You’re a customer, behave like one. You can suggest. You’re not a coach.

Remember, that’s someone’s office. Be respectful.

Notwithstanding, Jofel wouldn’t be around all this while with only poor service delivery.

People are different. Just like reactions and responses.

It’s my hope there’s a compromise as to how to satisfy the needs of both customers
and Jofel.


  • Great local foods
  • Serene environment
  • Suitable for gatherings
  • Proximity to the airport


  • A little pricy
  • I prefer to see the chefs working in the kitchen.


Do they do deliveries?

What makes the restaurant unique?

Caters to families? Each one will likely qualify as its own paragraph.


On complaints about service
Customer services is an issue everywhere. Not only in Ghana, Kumasi and for that matter Jofel. Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to distinguish yourself and shine.

There are several complains about service issues (waiters, wait time etc.. ) that need to be addressed.

On complaints about pricing

Food is good but not Cheap. Apparently, you get what you pay for. However, listening management is always the winner. Do something about customers complaints of your prices and its a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Reviews about Jofel Catering Service

Ashraf says,

“Food was delicious…management should renovate the place…the restaurant’s setting isnt welcoming at all.”

Kwabena said,

“Good catering and conference services,”

Ernest mentioned,

“Not very enthused. For what was on offer I think it was pricy although hygiene was very good.”

Ms. Danks says,

“Great service, great staff, great environment….its my top 2 and not 2”

Deborah says,

“Serene environment, nice place to catch up with the live band and old tunes (Adadamu) especially on weekends.”

Kofi said,

“Expect your food to delay and be pricey too. It will taste excellent by the way.”

HoappMotions reiterated,

“Satisfaction guaranteed. Best healthy meals with the best kitchen conduct and ethics. Their chicken soup, OOOOOMMMMMGGGG!!!”

Adu Poku says,

“To me it serves as a research center.”

Joe says,

“Fufu and Nkontomire soup was very tasty.”

Heartwell mentioned,

“Not really happy with their fish salad……… Jst the vegetables and it’s deceiving…… When it’s take away pls open it and check before you leave their premise.”


“A popular restaurant, event and leisure centre.
Having a scenic view and a welcoming atmosphere.”

Abena says,

“Around the corner from my stay. Moderate price local entrees with a new atmosphere. Customer service was great. If you been to Ghana before then you know how heavy of a comment that is.”

Kojo says,

“Demma tilapia got flavour ruff”


“Good place to eat local food. Slightly expensive than your usual restaurants, though the food was great”


Nice place for every gathering you can imagine – parties, events, conferences, etc..

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Nana Santuoh, manages digital web products and leads the editorial team at Kumasiano - a mouthpiece for African and black people while reminiscing their good old days back home.

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