Laser Dark Spot Removal

Laser Dark Spot Removal

 The presence of discolored skin or black spots on the face is a natural concern. This is caused by an increase in melanin, which results in dark pigmentation. Thankfully, this condition is curable. In this article, we will be discussing what dark spots are and questions related to Laser Dark spot removal.

What Are Dark Spots On The Face?

What Are Dark Spots On The Face

Dark spots, also termed hyperpigmented marks, are typical patches on the skin that have become darker than the surrounding skin. This darkening is caused by an overabundance of melanin, the brown pigment that gives skin its color.

This might result in dark pigmentation, discoloration, patches, and an uneven complexion. These spots can appear on the hands, back, shoulder, arms, and face but facial black spots tend to cause the most anxiety. People of all ages, genders and skin types are susceptible to developing these patches.

How Does Laser Dark Spot Removal work?

How Does Laser Dark Spot Removal work

Laser removal of pigmented lesions eliminates the need for excision by removing the pigment in the skin. This process is accomplished in three easy steps:

Step 1 – Light Absorption

The laser emits nanosecond-short bursts of intense light that pass harmlessly through the top layers of skin and are absorbed preferentially by the melanin pigment in the lesion.

Step 2 – Pigment Break-Up

The laser light is converted into photoacoustic waves, which mechanically fragment the pigment melanin into smaller particles.

Step 3 – Pigment Removal

The body’s immune system then eliminates these particles, while the skin’s macrophages eliminate excess pigmentation.

What Is The Cost Of Laser Treatment?

What Is The Cost Of Laser Treatment

The price varies based on how many treatments you need and where you need them. Costs go up for bigger areas of skin and go down for smaller areas. Also, there are discounts on different types of Laser treatments. So, as you schedule more procedures, the cost of each one goes down.

Will It Hurt?

Customers express the sense of a warm pulse on their face. The forehead/hairline will be more sensitive than places with greater fat tissue. After the treatment, your skin will feel slightly tense and mildly sunburned; this sensation will dissipate within a few hours. For your comfort, cooling agents will be applied to your face.

Are Laser Procedures Safe For All Skin Types?

Some laser treatments are universal, while others cannot be used by those with medium to dark complexions. In most universal lasers, the laser energy does not stimulate melanin synthesis in individuals with dark and medium skin tones.

Numerous laser treatments are completely safe for skin of all colors. During your consultation, doctors will determine the type of laser that will be most effective for your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on the client’s skin type and the extent of the black spots, the number of treatments required will vary. The average client will require between one and two treatments to clear their dark spots.

How Should I Prepare for Procedure?

How Should I Prepare for Procedure

There are two essential guidelines for preparing your skin for laser treatments. The first step is to avoid unprotected sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your session, as well as any other substances that may darken your skin.

The second recommendation is to avoid harsh exfoliating treatments, such as chemical peels, and other energy-based treatments, as they may irritate your skin and may force you to delay your treatment.

Other guidelines include:

Do not use self-tanning products two to four weeks before your scheduled session. For safety reasons, you will be required to return at a later time if a self-tanner is present.

No products should be applied to your face. This comprises cosmetics, moisturizers, and toner. Seven days before treatment, discontinue the use of any topical prescription drugs. For example, Trilumen, Retin-A, Differin, etc.

You cannot have this procedure if you are using a photosensitizing drug. Prior to your appointment, you must take antiviral medicine for three days if you have a history of cold sores.

Additionally, Botox patients must wait four weeks before receiving treatment, while filler patients must wait six weeks.

Are There Any Limits Following The Removal Of My Dark Spots?

It is Important that individuals comprehend that laser light generates heat within the skin. You must refrain from adding “additional” heat for 48 hours following treatment from other sources that can cause burns.  This additional heat can be generated by the sun, physical activity, hot tubs, saunas, and hot showers.

So, do not exercise, engage in vigorous activity, or use a hot tub, or sauna for 48 hours after treatment. Do not apply makeup for 24 hours following treatment; however, moisturizer may be applied.

Don’t go into the sun for one week after your treatment; if you have to be under the sun between treatments, wear 50 SPF sunscreen.

What Will Happen If Dark Spots Aren’t Treated?

Dark spots will keep showing up on your skin if you don’t do anything about them. The more spots you let build up, the harder they are to get rid of.

If you get rid of dark spots on your skin now, they won’t be able to come back in the winter because you spend less time in the sun. Then you can do things in the spring and summer to make sure these spots don’t come back.

Are Dark Spots A Sign Of Cancer?

Just because you have dark spots, that does not mean you have cancer. But since these parts of your skin are damaged, you could get skin cancer. If you see a new brown spot that looks different and appears changing from the other moles on your body you should get it checked out.

Most dark spots and moles look the same to someone who hasn’t seen them before, so anyone who sees a dark spot should get it checked out. It can take a long time to figure out that something is wrong, so finding the problem early is very important. Also, you shouldn’t try to figure out what’s wrong with yourself using pictures and information you found online. It is important to have a trained dermatologist look at your skin.

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