5 Eye-Opening Reasons to Love the Skin You’re In & Tips to Improve it

I’m assuming you are here because you are finding every possible reason to love your skin? 

I understand how difficult it is to stay positive on days when our skin isn’t doing any better, even after trying many products and remedies.

It takes a lot of courage and a healthy mindset to accept yourself however you are. This world has more than 7 million people in it; all of us are different but BEAUTIFUL! It takes nothing but love, care, and a healthy lifestyle to continue having beautiful skin.

To get to know your fantastic skin, read the article below. By the end of this content, I’m sure you will be amazed at how magical your skin is.

1. Change Is Healthy!

They say change is healthy! 

As we grow older, our skin which is our biggest armor, begins to grow and age as well. 

Our skin is the largest and most delicate organ of the body, tells a million stories about how it changed and grew older. It wouldn’t be a luxury to take good care of our skin because our delicate skin is exposed to hundreds of hurdles daily.

You wouldn’t believe how many ways our skin provides us protection, especially to our prestigious organs. Most of the time, we feel that the acne marks, sunburns, scars, and stretch marks present on our skin make us less beautiful, but the reality is, they themselves make us bolder and more confident if we only embrace them with love.

Every mark on our body has a story of pride that we must share with others. Our precious skin is the combination of uncountable cells, blood vessels, never fibers, and sweat glands that truly deserve our love and care.

2. Temperature Control

Besides the physical protection that our skin provides to our body, it is also great at regulating our body’s temperature. 

It is no less than a miracle that how our skin performs during unfavorable temperatures. 

On sunny days, when the temperature rises and our body starts heating up at that time, our skin produces sweat in order to keep the temperature of the body at normal.

When we feel like freezing in winter, these blood vessels that are present inside our skin shrink and keep the heat inside; this is why we stay calm and warm in winters. 

What a great thermostat our skin is!

3. Your Skin Regenerates Itself!

I’m sure you must have heard beauty influencers talking about how vital skin exfoliation is.

They encourage you to do so because our skin undergoes a renewing cycle after every 28-30 days. Due to the regenerative process, there is a dead cell layer deposited on our skin which comes to the surface with time. 

Exfoliation and removing peach fizz from your skin is extremely useful in this regard as it helps clear out dead cells layer and make skin bright and healthy.

Skin renewal is significant in resorting to healthy skin. It minimizes discoloration. Wounds and scars restoration is also done due to new skin production.

4. All It Needs Is A Little Bit Of Care And Love!

It must not be easy to believe, but your skin treats and resorts all by itself. 

Call the largest organ of the body low maintenance or whatever, but it is what it is! If your skin feels dull, dehydrated, or prone to acne for quite a while now, all you have to do is increase your water consumption and add green veggies to your diet and TADDA! You have healthy and shiny skin in no time.

Let me tell this straight that sometimes you invest your money in expensive skin care products and you see little to no positive changes at all, it is because your skin is thirsty of natural substances instead of chemical-based products and formulations that your introduced to your skin. 

Keep it more natural to have clear skin.

5. Ultimate goal- healthy skin!

The ultimate goal of life is to feel healthy and positive.

If you are blessed with healthy skin and body, then the complaint is unnecessary because there is nothing more satisfying than having a physically fit body. 

I understand that sometimes our skin feels less beautiful; trust me, you are not alone we all have some insecurities about our bodies the key to make it look more young and healthy is a lot of love and care. 

Treat your skin well because it is the reflection of your heart and mind.

Tips To Improve Your Gorgeous Skin

To make your life easy, we have compiled 4 major tips to improve your overall skin. 

1. Love is the best treatment

Will you guys believe me when I say love is the best treatment for your skin? 

You people must be thinking, how is it possible, right?

Let me make it easy for you, hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine does wonders to your skin. 

They are known as an attachment and happy hormones for your body. When you are loved and happy, you have healthy levels of these hormones that regulate anti-aging effects, antioxidant effects, and microcirculation throughout the skin. 

Spread love and be grateful that you are loved, and don’t forget to make people around you happy.

2. Healthy Food Goes A Long Way!

Next is a healthy diet!

With skincare, a healthy diet is essential. Including food that is rich in proteins, fibers, oxidants, omega-3, minerals, and vitamins in your diet is significant for young and hydrated skin and body.

There is a long list of food that can be used to have a positive lifestyle. Here are a few: 

Fruits like mangoes and grapes that are rich in antioxidant properties and collagen works wonder on the skin.  

Tomatoes are best for skin treatment and tan removal. Other than this, tomatoes can also be used to minimize tumor formation up to 50%.

Green tea is a magical tea that can solve a lot of skin-related issues. In cases of dry, red, and irritated skin, green tea saves the day by providing anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. 

If you are experiencing psoriasis, green tea is also beneficial in this regard. A research study was conducted on the patients fighting skin conditions and let me tell you this proudly that green tea showed positive results in helping skin. 

Olive oil is also an excellent treat for the skin during wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation period. Bring it in your meal to reduce these skin conditions.

Reducing calorie consumption also aids in the aging process. A study was conducted on cutting down calories that showed positive results regarding early aging.

3. Moisturizing is Important!

Moisturizing your skin is as essential as drinking water. 

Why? Because our skin needs hydration, all the time likes us. 

The use of good quality moisturizing cream is vital in the morning and before bedtime for better results. 

It is advised to use a moisturizer with sunscreen in the daytime to fight UV rays and harmful rays.

4. Stress and Pimples

Sometimes stress also becomes one of the reasons to have skin breakouts and acne. 

It is because when the stress level increase, the body produces a high level of sebum. Sebum, in general is an oily substance that can clog pores and cause acne. 

For better and clearer skin, move towards meditation and yoga as they reduce stress and helps you stay calm. 

DIYs For Healthier Skin

Maintaining your glass skin might be time-consuming if you have extensive work hours and schedule. 

To help you treat your easily in less time, here are 3 highly useful DIYs that you can make your skin 10X shiner, brighter, and healthier.

DIY-1 (for extra moisturization)


  • Avocado-half
  • Olive oil -1tsp
  • Honey-1tbsp


To prepare this DIY mask, take half avocado in the bowl and mix it with 1 tsp of olive oil. When fully combined and looks like a creamy paste, add 1tbsp of honey to it. 

Mix mix and mix! 

Apply it on clean skin and let it dry for 10-20 minutes. Once fully dried, wash it off with slightly cold water. 

For better results use a good quality moisturizer for after this mask.

DIY-2 (for anti-aging and exfoliation)


  • Cocoa powder 1-tbsp
  • Sour cream 1-tbsp
  • Honey 1-tbsp
  • Egg white-1


The procedure to make this homemade anti-aging mask is quite easy. 

Start by mixing cocoa powder, sour cream, and honey together. When fully combined add 1 egg white to this mixture and the mask is ready to go on your skin. 

Apply it your skin, wait and rinse it off after 10-15 minutes.

DIY-3 (for nourishment of hands and feet)


  • Whole milk- 3 cups


This DIY remedy is best for dry hands and feet. All you have to do is take 2-3 cups of milk in open mouth bowl and heat it until it’s warm. Soak your hands or feet in this milk for 20 minutes allowing dry skin to resort Its hydration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is our skin so special?

Our skin as being the first line of defense literally does all the protection work for us. From protecting organs to fighting from UV rays to killing microbes and bacteria, our skin can do it all. Other than this, it also work as body’s thermostat and sensation generator. Precisely, a magical organ!

  1. How to keep skin healthy all the time?

It is humanly impossible to have healthy and glowy skin always. As we grow our skin also age and grows with us. Scars, acne, blemishes, and wounds are the part of life and we must carry then confidently. Despite this we must take care of our skin with love and appreciation.

  1. Is the skin the largest organ of our body?

Yes, skin is the largest organ of the body which is round 20 squares feet in size. It has many layers which are made up of millions of skin cells, sweat glands, blood vessels and nerve fibers.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Our skin need appreciation, love, and care everyday like us. I hope this article becomes one the reasons why you love you skin so much. 

We are looking forward to hear your stories about how you treat yourself daily, weekly and monthly. 

Much love!

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