MTN Self Service: Everything You Need To Know!

Mtn Self Service

MTN Self Service: What is it, and how do you benefit from it.

The MTN self-service is an automated system that allows subscribers to independently manage their accounts. The service allows you to do much more on your own without having to go to the MTN office physically. This service is the best option when one finds himself in an urgent situation to access a specific service.

This article walks you through the entire processes involved in the registration of this service, the benefits of this service and how to use the service.

There are times you need services on your mobile account urgently. In an instance like this, you have no option than to run to any nearest customer care service office for assistance.

The Registration Process of the MTN Self Services

The MTN self-service is registered through two processes;

  1. by dialing the code *1333# from a registered MTN number and
  2. online registration

The MTN self-service menu code *1333# has the following submenu options: Register and access service. The first sub-menu enables you to register for the service, a click on it initiates a prompt to select a pin.

When one selects a pin and confirms it, a congratulatory message is sent to usher you unto the service.

The online registration, on the other hand, is done through the internet system. To begin with, you must first log in to this websiteOn this website you will be requested to provide details for the the following options.

An option to choose if you are a corporate holder officer or an individual, first name, surname, Mobile number, Date of birth, Email, Address, Security or hint questions, and Verification code.

All the aforementioned options are mandatory demands to register using the online method.

When all those details are filled and a system provided verification code is entered, you then choose an option to receive notifications.

You will finally click on “register” to end the process. After that, an instant SMS message is sent to confirm the successful registration of the MTN Self-service. A password is also sent to you together with the congratulatory message.

Concurrently, you’ll receive a message is sent to your email to confirm the registration.

After successful registration for MTN self-service, you can log in at any time to access any of the self-services with ease. However, upon your first login, you are prompted to change the given password to a preferred one.

In case you forget your password, there is an option to retrieve your password just like most online registration and accounts.

The two main methods to access the MTN Self-service, the Interactive Voice Respond (IVR) or SMS and online or over the internet. One can do the following using the IVR:

  • Update PIN
  • Connect and disconnect SIM Card
  • Manage family and friends
  • Get PIN Unlocking Key (PUK)

Using the internet or online process, MTN Self-service has a wide range of options to choose from.

Just log onto the website and sign in to your account. This enables you to do a lot more on your own as compared to using the Interactive Voice Responds method.

In conclusion:

The MTN self-service is useful to the users of the network in so many ways and can be helpful in times of urgent situations.

The registration process is simple to do – so is the accessing of the services.

Some of the important services one can access using the MTN Self-service without difficulty are; online recharge for oneself and others, emailing customer, accessing one’s Phone book, and many other useful services.

The activation of this service is necessary for everyone.

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