How Much is US Visa Fee in Ghana Cedis? A Non-Ghanaian Guide!

To many Ghanaians, a visa to the USA is a constant item on their bucket lists.

So how much is US visa fees in Ghana cedis? The cost of most non-immigrant visas to the US is $160 (about GHS 1,305). This price cuts across tourist visas, business visas, as well as exchange visas. Similarly, petition visas (for tourism and religious reasons) also cost $190 (GHS 1550). K and E visas cost $265 (GHS 2165) and $205 (GHS 1675) respectively.

The cost of 1,304.25 Ghana cedis ($160) is, in fact, approximated that the US visa fee in Ghana cedis is about 1305 Ghana cedis.

This figure is based on the exchange rate in mid-July 2022 ($1 = GHS 8.15).

Now, there is one stark reality we must face here — acquiring a US visa from Ghana is a hell of a lot harder than you think. 

Despite the stringent visa requirement policies placed on American visas, Ghanaians with well-established motives can realize the American Dream.

The American Embassy in Ghana issues dozens of visas of various kinds. As a result, the US visa fee in Ghana cedis also varies accordingly.

This article brings you the US visa fees in Ghana cedis. On top of that, there are answers to frequently asked questions about American visas for Ghana.

How Do I Apply for a US Visa in Ghana?

First of all, your question must be specific. What type or category of American visa do you mean?

American visas for Ghanaians come in two types —the first option is immigrant visa while the other type is the non-immigrant visa.

Just to break it down, temporary visitors are given non-immigrant visas. The purpose of the visit could be about vacations, tourism and family visits.

When you finally make it to the US with a non-immigrant visa, don’t forget that your days are numbered. You shall surely return to Ghana when your visa is due.

Let’s move on to the next visa type; the immigrant visa. That’s where the problem lies. 

Ghanaians seeking a permanent permit to stay in America must do so by acquiring an immigrant visa. 

Woe betides you if you use illegal means to land in America. You can be sure that a deportation plane awaits you! 

Get your documents right, in order to prevent last-minute shame.

The following procedures are designed to help you to lawfully secure your American visas.

The US Visa fee in Ghana cedis will also be discussed shortly as well.

Types of US Visas in Ghana

As discussed earlier, the two main types of US visas are Immigrant and Non-immigrant visas.

The procedures to follow when applying for these visas differ slightly. Coming up next are the US visa application steps.

US Non-immigrant Visa Application Procedures Ghana

  • On the US State Department website, fill the DS-160 online application form in standard English.
  • When filling out the form, be very genuine, honest and provide accurate answers.
  • After filling, cross-check your responses before submission. You cannot make any changes after submission.
  • What’s next? Proceed to schedule an interview with the US Embassy in Ghana visa appointment.
  • All that while, you are over 6-months valid passport should be kept handy when attending the interview.
  • Make sure you have your 2×2 passport photograph with you. Your visa application receipt must be with you as well.
  • You may get your visa if you do well in the interview.

NB: Unfortunately, visa fees are non-refundable. So you can cry out your loss when your application gets rejected for unknown reasons.

But don’t give up. Re-apply next time.

US Immigrant Visa Application Procedures for Ghanaians

This is American visa is a hot cake for Ghanaian citizens. With it, one can settle permanently in America and live your dream life.

However, it turns out applicants must follow hectic procedures to acquire this visa. 

Immigrant visa applications are usually initiated by a permanent American citizen who acts as the sponsor of a Ghanaian seeking a US visa.

This US sponsor could be a close relative, your spouse, or a company (employer) that’s willing to host you in America.

The application process starts when the sponsor officially files a petition, seeking permission for a Ghanaian to acquire an American visa.

When the American immigration officers approve the petition, then the Ghanaian can also start his visa application processes.

US Visa Fees in Ghana Cedis

The following are the US fees in Ghana cedis for various visa sub-categories.

  • Non-immigrant visas without petition: $160 ≈ GHS 1304

Visa Categories

B — business, tourists’ and medical visas.

C-1— transit

D — ship or airline crew

F — students and academicians

I — Media personalities

J — government-sponsored exchange visas

M — students and vocational people

TN/TD — professionals from NAFTA

S —   witnesses and informants

T— victims of trafficking

U — victims of crime

  • Petition-backed visa fees: $190 ≈ GHS 1014

Visa categories

 H — temporary worker

L — intracompany transferee

O — Extraordinarily skilled people

P — athlete, artist, entertainer

Q — people on cultural exchange programs

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How Do I Pay My DS 160 Visa Fee in Ghana?

You can pay your DS 160 visa fee in Ghana at the nearest GT Bank. After making payment, ask for a receipt.

On the day of your appointment, you shall need this receipt to prove your payment.

Which bank pays the US visa fee in Ghana?

The answer is the Guarantee Trust (GT) Bank. By visiting the nearest GT Bank in location, you can pay US visa fees in Ghana, and also book US visa appointments in Ghana.

Added to that, GT Bank offers online visa payment for their account holders. This is good news for those who already have GT Bank accounts.

All applicants for US visas must pay for the MRV (machine-readable-visa) fee. 

How much do you pay for a US visa?

Typically you pay around 160—$190 (1305—GHS1550) for a US Visa. This fee may depend on the visa type or category.

How much is US student visa fee in Ghana?


You Have To Note:

  • Never rush to pay for a visa without determining the right visa category. 
  • Check whether your country is part of the US visa waiver program. If yes, then you can enter the US without paying for a visa.
  • Currently, Ghana is not visa-exempt to the US. It will probably never be so. 

Why? Because an American visa-waiver for Ghanaians would spark a mass exodus to the “Promised Land”.


The United States of America might have their own troubles; gun violence, racism, drug trafficking, etc. 

On the other hand, it’s the same USA that’s on top of the world in terms of wealth and technology.

I’m sure the die-hard fans of America have learned a lot about US visa application form in Ghana. 

All in all, you should know how to bring someone from Ghana to the USA. 

How about the UK visa fees in Ghana? Well, the UK visa fee in Ghana is GHS 665 for six months. 

The fees can even be higher, depending on UK visa types and the length of your stay in the UK.

Hopefully, the next time someone asks you: how much is the US visa fee in Ghana cedis? You should be able to estimate it to be 584 to 1014 Ghana Cedis.

Ladies and gentlemen, my job is here done. Now, now go get your American visa from Ghana.

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