Ghana Visa on Arrival for Indian Citizens [Must Read]

Wait a minute! Are you aware that the diplomatic relationship between Ghana and India is quite on a different level?

I guess you would gladly jump on a Ghana visa on arrival for Indian citizens, right?

Thank you for wanting to visit Ghana. But hey! It seems a Ghana visa on arrival for Indian citizens could be a daydream.

Starting from early July 2016,  members of the African Union who are not visa-free to Ghana can get visas on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport. With a maximum validity period of 30 days, this visa comes at a fee of $150.

Provided certain conditions are met, citizens from other countries who are on short-term trips to Ghana may also get visas on arrival.

In any case, I’m not here to discourage you. My goal is to feed you with the best information on Ghana visas for Indian citizens.

In the end, you would walk away with satisfactory answers to your visa questions about Ghana.

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Ghana Visa on Arrival Countries

Talking about Ghana visa on arrival for Indians? We shall explore that in a bit.

I know you want to arrive at the Kotoka International Airport before you get your visa. Well, not so fast!

Ghana immigration laws require foreign visitors to have visas beforehand.

However, there are some exceptions to the rules. Some countries are classified as visa-exempt — meaning that, their citizens can come to Ghana without visas.

In special cases, citizens from some nations are also given visas on arrival in Ghana. 

Now the big question is — what’s the fate of Indians?

Well, many a time, Indians still need to get their Ghanaian visas in advance. Does that sound unfamiliar to you?

I think you have nothing to lose. The point is that the Ghanaian government is preparing a better visa package for Indians. 

Don’t tell anyone! I’m about to break the good news to you.

Ghana-India Visa Agreements

Somewhere in June 2016, Ghana and India joined hands and signed a visa deal. This was a visa-waiver agreement that was meant to strengthen the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

What does this agreement mean to you as an Indian? It means a lot! When approved, diplomats and Indian passport holders on service will go to Ghana visa-free.

Unfortunately, the only downside of this agreement is that it hasn’t been ratified — as in January 2020.

For now, one can only hope that both governments will expedite the ratification processes. After all, many Ghanaians are also waiting to grasp that opportunity to visit India.

How Can I Get a Ghana Visa from India?

Ok, let’s assume that your Ghana visa-on-arrival chance is low. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get a Ghana visa from India.

There are provisions in place to ensure that Indian tourists are not denied a visit to Ghana. 

Here, you may want to pay rapt attention.

I’m about to hit you with all the procedures you should follow to acquire a Ghana tourist visa for Indians.

Visa Requirements for Indian Tourists

Ghana is blessed with many natural resources — timber, diamond, gold, oil, rainforests .. just to name a few. 

Plagued by slavery in the colonial era, present-day Ghana has risen to greater heights with rich cultural diversity.

The country also boasts of having attractive tourists’ sites. Examples include the Cape Coast Castle, Akosombo Dam,  Kakum National Park, Wli Waterfalls, Lababi Beach, etc.

If you are looking for an Indian tourist visa to Ghana, then following the procedures below will assist you to get a quick visa.

You will need: 

  • Passport

The validity of your passport shouldn’t be less than 6 months.

Moreover, it should have at least 2 blank pages for visa endorsement.

NB: Attach your old passports if you have any.

  • Photographs

Dimensions should be 35×45 mm.

The photo must cover at least 80 percent of the frame.

It should be on a white background.

Show your full natural face; no smiling, frowning or glasses.

NB: it’s better you use your most recent pictures.

  • Valid Air Ticket
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Card

NB: Ghana has a higher risk of yellow fever transmission. Get vaccinated and take the certificate along.

  • Bank statement

This must prove that you have enough funds to embark on your trip to Ghana.

Your bank statement should reflect 6 months of transactions.

An official bank stamp must be on each page.

NB: you may get rejected if your bank statement reveals insufficient funds or careless expenditure.

  • Covering Letter

It’s probably the first thing to catch the attention of the consular.

Your covering letter should indicate: 

1.Your main reason for the visit 

  1. Accommodation details 
  2. Invitation letter 
  3. Flight date 
  4. Other necessary information required by the consulate.
  • Tax Returns

Your tax returns should cover the previous 3 years.

NB: you may not be given a visa if you have no proof of tax payment.

  • Hotel Voucher

Assuming you are lodging in another country, your hotel voucher will serve as proof of your accommodation.

Ghana Visa Fees for Indian Citizens in Ghana 

Relatively, tourists’ visa fees in Ghana are very affordable. How much is your budget for this adventurous trip to Ghana?

As a matter of caution, make sure you weigh your pocket (or purse) well. You don’t want to run out of money in Ghana.

The visa fees are shown below: 

  • A normal single entry visa costs about 8500 rupees.
  • Multiple entry visa costs around 17000 rupees.

NB: for tourists’ visas, the validity period is 3 months, while the maximum staying duration is 30 days.

But that’s still enough for you to chill off in Ghana.

E-visa Ghana

Ghana is set to roll out e-visas very soon, maybe in 2020.

When launched, you can apply for your electronic visas online. 

Users will have to download and print their visas. On arrival at the checkpoints, immigration officers will then scan the e-visas to validate them.

 E-visas will eliminate the stickers and stamps on your passports. That would be awesome, isn’t it?

How Long is a Multiple-entry Visa to Ghana Valid?

Answer; under normal circumstances, multiple-entry visas are valid for 36-60 months.

Single-entry visas are valid for 90 days, roughly 3 months).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Get a Visa on Arrival in Ghana?

Yes. I’m sure you can get a visa on arrival in Ghana, provided you come from the right origin.

Also, you must have obtained prior permission from the Ghanaians authorities concerned.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Visa for Ghana?

It takes about 4-10 days to get a visa for Ghana. If you go with rush option, you will get your visa faster than the regular processing.

Which Countries Offer Visas on Arrival for Indian Citizens?

Cambodia, Benin and Comoros and other countries offer visas on arrival for Indian citizens.

What are some Ghana Visa-free Countries?

For your information, Liberia, Togo, Nigeria and ECOWAS members often come to Ghana without a need for a visa. Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago also make the list.

Can I Get Ghana Visa on Arrival at the US?

Unfortunately, a big NO! Except on rare occasions like the Year of Return, 2019.


The borders of Ghana are receptive to visitors from many parts of the globe, including India.

However, there is no assurance that Indians will always get Ghana visas on arrival. 

Until the bilateral visa-waiver agreements are ratified, Indian tourists would have to adhere to the visa requirements above.

Good luck with your visa application! I hope your questions are answered.

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