Vodafone Cash: Everything You Need To Know!

“Vodafone Cash is an electronic service that allows Vodafone Cash Subscribers to use their mobile phones to easily, securely, and quickly transfer money, make any payments and have easy access to cash. All you need is a Vodafone cash account and it takes less than five minutes to get one”

The use of Vodafone Cash and other mobile money services are still trending because it is now a safe practice to do. New subscribers are baffled with a lot of terminologies and questions. 

Do you know how to change your Vodafone cash pin?

How does the Vodafone cash app work? What if I forget my pin?

What is the secured way to register your Vodafone cash account? 

After reading this guide, you are going to understand almost everything about Vodafone cash and be in full control of your own account.


First timers ask this question a lot. Vodafone Cash is an electronic service that allows Vodafone Cash Subscribers to use their mobile phones to easily, securely, and quickly transfer money, make any payments and have easy access to cash.

Is that all? You might ask. It can also be used to top up airtime, buy data for self and other Vodafone users, pay Vodafone and non-Vodafone bills and to buy goods and services.


Vodafone Cash like any other mobile money services has to be operated by a financial institution or mobile telecommunication network like Vodafone.

All mobile money services work on these three criteria;

Peer-to Peer cash transfers

Peer-to-Peer, generally referred to as P2P is a channel for transferring money from one individual to another and this is the most common means of using Mobile money services.

With Vodafone cash, you can turn physical cash to electronic funds (cash-in) and in turn, you can cash out electronic funds.

Bill Payment

You can pay your electricity, water, DSTV, school fees, and many other home bills conveniently using Vodafone cash.

Salary Payment 

The mobile money services allow a simple and secure way of paying out salary among workers. This innovation has helped curb many challenges both on the side of the employer and the employee. 

Tired paying high charges on bank transfer? Vodafone does that for you for FREE!


The traditional means of accessing Vodafone services is to use specific short codes. Vodafone has numerous services and these services require unique short codes to access. 

 This was a daunting task for folks who forget easily. And if you forget a short code, it simply means you cannot access that particular service. 

My Vodafone app is a mobile platform that grants you access to an unlimited number of Vodafone services. 

With this platform, you can;

  • Manage all your Vodafone services
  • Top up and transfer airtime.
  • Purchase a bundle or bundle for someone
  • Access bills and payment
  • Locate the nearest retail shop with an embedded store finder feature.
  • Access Vodafone cash

And many, many more!


Merchants are basically local representatives of a particular mobile money service provider.

Vodafone cash merchants are businesses authorized by Vodafone to accept deposits and perform withdrawals as well as provide training and guidance to customers on new Vodafone cash products or services.

The following is a step by step guide to become a merchant of Vodafone Cash in Ghana.

  • Visit the Vodafone official website and then navigate to merchant section or you use this Vodafone Merchant Application.
  • Fill in your business profile which includes your business name, type of business, address, VAT number, etc.
  • Fill your payment details which include bank name, account number, branch, etc.
  • Fill in your contact details, that are your email, phone number, ID type (passport, NHIS, driver’s license, etc.)

Then attach copies of the following documents and email them to this email address;

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Business registration certificate
  • VAT Certificate
  • Business Regulations
  • Scanned copies of at least two operator IDs


Do I Need A Bank Account In Order To Use Vodafone Cash?

No, all you need is a Vodafone cash account and it takes less than five minutes to get one.

How Can I Register For Vodafone Cash?

It is very easy to register an account. 

You just have to visit any Vodafone retail shop or agent with a valid photo Id. 
The Vodafone cash registration requires your name, Date of Birth, Location, National ID details (You can use Health Insurance card, Voter’s Id), details of next of kin and of course your Vodafone mobile number.

It is free, fast, works on every phone and Vodafone SIM Card.

 One thing to note, only Vodafone subscribers are eligible to register an account. 

How Do I Deposit Money Onto My Vodafone Cash Wallet?

Follow these proven steps;

Visit any Vodafone retail shop

Let the agent know your phone number and the amount of money you want to deposit.

You will receive an SMS indicating that your wallet has been credited with the same amount. 

And remember, there’s no charge for deposit and you cannot use airtime vouchers to load your wallet.

Can I Send Money To Friends Who Are Not Registered For Vodafone Cash OR Are On Other Networks?

Yes, Vodafone cash makes that possible. The recipient, who is an unregistered Vodafone user, will receive a voucher code by SMS that will be a prerequisite when withdrawing the money. 

Withdrawing of the funds requires no charges, it is free.
The voucher code is valid up to a maximum of 30days; from there the funds will be returned to the sender if not redeemed.

Recipients on other networks will receive the cash in their mobile money wallet. 

Can I Send Money Outside Ghana With My Vodafone Cash Account?

Unfortunately, you cannot send money outside Ghana but you can receive money with your Vodafone cash account from outside Ghana through approved remittance partners like Ria, Ecobank Rapid Transfer and World Remit.

Is The Money In My Vodafone Cash Account Safe?

Yes, as long as your PIN is protected. The PIN is a four digit code you personally choose to register your account and you will need it anytime you want to access your account or make any transaction. 

This pin is different from your Vodafone SIM card’s pin, note that.

Is There Any Limit For How Much Money I Can Send?

Yes, the maximum you can send is 2500 Ghana cedis. However, you can request a transaction limit increase. Call Vodafone customer care for more info on limits.

What Will Happen To My Account If My Phone OR My SIM Is Lost?

The money in your account is still protected. You have to visit any Vodafone retail shop with a valid ID or call the customer center (call 100) with your details to block your account. However, after a SIM swap, you can have your account back.

What Do I Do If I Forget My PIN?

If you forget your PIN call the customer care (call100) and let them know.

How Many Times Am I Allowed To Change My PIN?

You can change your pin as many times you see necessary.

How Do I Change My PIN?

Dial *110#
Select “My Account”
Select “Change Pin”
Enter “Old Pin”
Enter “New Pin”
Confirm to change Pin
Select 1to confirm and 2 to cancel.

Can I Get Access To My Bank Account Using Vodafone Cash?

Sure, you can transfer money from your wallet to your bank account. If you have linked your bank account to your Vodafone wallet then you can also transfer money from your bank account to your wallet.

How Do I Register For Vodafone Cash Online?

Follow these proven steps, to register Vodafone cash online.

Here is the Vodafone Cash Customer Application form

Fill in the Vodafone cash customer application form which includes your name, date of birth, address, email, ID details, etc.

Click on register. Wait for a confirmation message to confirm your account.
Set up a pin and then confirm it.

You now have your newly created Vodafone cash account.

Does Vodafone Cash Give Loans?

Unfortunately, Vodafone cash does not give out loans to their subscribers yet. However, you can receive loans to your Vodafone cash account through third-party loan lenders like FIDO, CashXpress, etc. 

How Can I Withdraw My Vodafone Token?

Vodafone token is a 12 digit serial number that Vodafone gives you when you send money to a non-mobile money user. The token plus a secret code (Vodafone gives that one too) are the two codes the recipient needs for a withdrawal. 

Follow these proven steps to withdraw the money;

Visit the nearest Vodafone Cash agent
Let the agent know you want to withdraw money using a Vodafone cash token.
Give the merchant the secret code and token to initiate the transaction.
After a successful process, the withdrawal will be completed.


Vodafone cash has helped a lot of employers and employees with their services especially when they removed all charges on any transaction.

Vodafone cash is secure, convenient, fast and a reliable channel of money transaction. 

That was a lot of information and we guess it has answered most of your questions. Did you learn anything new? Let us know in the comments.

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