Why Do Black Girls Wear Wigs? The Pros and Cons!

Why Do Black Girls Wear Wigs Lagre

So you’ve got time to wonder why black girls wear wigs?

Oh! Come on, it’s an everyday thing!

There’s no good reason to even question why black girls wear wigs. All women do.

After all, it’s not only African ladies who wear wigs. Wearing of wigs is a new fashion (hairstyle) trend that has been well-received by women from different cultures, including Caucasians.

That said, there are a million reasons why black girls wear wigs. But so far, the simplest of all the reasons is that they want to enhance their hair beauty.

Wearing of Wigs: Why Do Black (African) Girls Love Them?

Admittedly, our senses of beauty and fashion have evolved so rapidly. A new age comes with its own culture. 

Some time ago in the distant past when stylish wigs weren’t invented, African girls wore their natural Afro hair.

Yet, they were beautiful inside out.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, those days are gone! 

When a sick society describes natural hair African as unkempt, then it becomes difficult for its members to coexist.

You understand me, right? 

If you really want to fully understand why many black girls spend money on wigs and weaves, then you’ve got a lot of work to do. 

There are a lot of internal and external factors to be talked about when it comes to African American girls wearing wigs.

But just to give you a summarized idea of what’s going on, here are the main reasons why black girls wear wigs: 

  • As protective layer for their natural hair
  • To be accepted by the society
  • For the sake of convenience
  • Influences from celebrities
  • To impress guys
  • For fashion

What Are Wigs?

I’m not really sure there are people out there who don’t know what wigs are. But for the benefit of the doubt, we shall take a look at the basic definition of wigs.

Basically, a wig is styled synthetic hair that’s usually worn by women for fashion. But let’s be honest, it’s not only women who wear wigs. Some men also wear wigs as well.

Actors wear wigs to disguise their looks, or to portray characters. The other category of wig-wearing people is bald dudes who would do anything to cover up their bald patches.

Now that we understand what wigs are, we can comfortably progress to explain the actual reasons why the average African woman wears them.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Wigs

Whether you like human hair wigs or synthetic wigs, there are advantages and disadvantages to be talked about. 

Pros of Wig-wearing

1. Saves time

A wig is a quick hair fix. It takes a few minutes to install a wig, but hours to plait your hair in a beauty salon.

2. Protects your natural hair

Braiding damages the hairlines. Aside from that, it’s also painful. Conversely, a wig doesn’t damage the hairline. It rather protects your hair and gives it enough time to grow.

3. Allows you to vary your hairstyle

Assuming an African lady buys 10 wigs of different colors and styles, she can change her hairstyle anytime. Braiding can only give you one hairstyle for some time.

4. Covers up your defects

If you have little to no hair, wearing a wig would help you to cover up your bald patch.

Cons of wig-wearing

1. Can be challenging to newbies

Wearing a wig demands some skills or experiences to make it look beautiful. Fix it wrongly, and you get teased.

2. Wigs can fall off

A wig is a removable pre-styled hair. If you don’t install it firmly, it can fall off.

3. Some wigs are expensive

Costing around 100–$150, human hair wigs are expensive. But they’re more realistic than synthetic hair.

5. Wigs Are Delicate and Sometimes Uncomfortable

Unlike your natural hair which resists all-weather, some wigs are sensitive to heat. Hot sunshine can destroy the beauty of your wig. The bad news is, you can’t go swimming with a wig on.

Top 7 Reasons Why Black Girls Wear Wigs

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with women wearing wigs. I only cringe at the disaster in women who after wearing wigs and several pounds of make-up, still look no different.

That said, here are the top 7 reasons why African girls love to wear wigs

1. To Protect Their Hairlines

Some women do complain that the frequent braiding of hair leads to erosion of their hairlines. When your hairline is damaged, it places you on a journey to baldness. 

Therefore, why would African girls watch their hairlines go bald when they can simply buy a wig to fix the problem? Easy peasy!

Other ladies are of the view that wigs help their hairs to grow longer and thicker. Well, what can we say? That just came from the horses’ own mouths.

2. To Impress Men

Now, this is funny but very true.

Many guys don’t realize that African girls wear wigs to win the hearts or attention of suitors.  A typical African girl has relatively short black hair that’s curly and stubborn. 

Unfortunately, this natural Afro hair is not enough to please the eyes of men who have developed hastes for long hair.

To the eyes of many men, thick and long hair are turn-ons. Wigs are more fashionable and stylish than normal African hair. 

Determined to look hot for guys, African girls dash to get some wigs. Many a time, it’s their boyfriends who sponsor the costs of these pricey wigs.

3. To Be Accepted by Society

This is the unfortunate part of the African-American wig tales.

In the United States of America, it’s unbelievable to hear stories about hair discrimination.

The Western culture has succeeded in creating an erroneous impression that an African woman is not beautiful except when she wears a wig or weaves.

According to reports, in extreme cases, some big companies set rules that prohibit black employees (girls) from sporting their natural hair. 

This casts a regrettable image of how far the US and the West have taken entrenched positions on the definition of beauty.  

In any case, if this is really an accurate report, then America is still far from conquering racism. Black Americans need another Martin Luther King Jr to rise up to this occasion.

4. For Fashion

Perhaps it’s invalid to ask why African women wear wigs. The straightforward answer to the question is that they’re doing their own fashion things. 

Do we have any right to question people’s choices of fashion? Maybe no!

A wig is just a hairstyle for women who want to differ with looks.

As far as I know, the world of fashion is huge. It transcends the wearing of wigs by African ladies. 

For God’s sake, whites and Asian women also fix hair extensions to improve their natural hair.

What do we hear about it? Nothing much! 

Let African women practice their fashion lessons.


Nature of the Afro Hair

Our genetic make-up dictates our hair lengths, texture and structure.

The nature of the African woman’s hair is quite different from what US natives and other ethnicities are blessed with.

Afro hair grows vertically in defiance of gravity. But that’s not all — it’s characterized by a coarse texture, curls, zigzags, and other strange patterns. 

A wicked hair of this nature needs constant dressing in order to be kempt enough.

Due to the stresses involved in maintaining neat Afro hair, some black girls choose to save time by wearing wigs.

It’s not that they don’t want their own hair;  they just don’t have time to be dressing it frequently. Therefore, wearing wigs is a matter of convenience.

Influences from Foreign Celebrities

The world is a global village. What happens in one country can influence that of another country. 

If you are not convinced by this statement, take a look at the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It started from Wuhan, China, and spread to virtually all parts of the world — infecting millions of people and killing hundreds of thousands.

In the same way, fashion travels at the speed of light around the globe. So, if an African girl in Ghana sees their favorite foreign celebrities rock their wigs in pride, they’ll surely join them. 

To Create a Variety

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.

If an African girl gets bored with wearing one Afro hairstyle, wigs come in handy to fulfill their needs. Wigs come in different styles and sizes, so it’s natural for black girls to try new things.

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